James Smith

Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Title: Director
Phone: 540 967-4420

As director, I often refer to our department’s desire to impact Louisa County by offering recreational opportunities that are purpose-driven. This means our programs, activities, and special events are specifically designed to positively impact the participant and our community. We have developed a tagline that not only states our goals, but also defines what we do as a department. That tagline is... 

Building Community, Changing Lives, and Making Memories.
Building Community...We build community by developing and implementing recreational opportunities that bring people together to establish and strengthen quality relationships through positive, impactful interaction. We also build community by partnering with over forty local organizations and associations annually to impact the community.

Changing Lives...We change lives by focusing on the little things that make a difference. We understand and value the impact that we can have on the social development of youth through recreational and child care programs. We take advantage of this opportunity by utilizing our youth programs to inspire dreams, develop confidence, and build resiliency.

Making Memories...We make memories by creating events that promote and highlight quality time built around significant relationships. In this brochure, you will see two of our popular family-themed memory-making events. They are our 24th Annual Father~Daughter Dance and our 20th Annual Mother~Son Dance. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to make memories with your daughter or son that will last a lifetime!

We look forward, as always, to serving YOU and YOUR recreational needs. Take a few minutes to browse through the over 100 recreational opportunities that are awaiting you.

Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism...Building Community, Changing Lives and Making Memories since 1981. 

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