A Message from Director James Smith

Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Building Community, Changing Lives and Making Memories
Every new year brings with it the opportunity of a fresh start, a second chance, or even a new beginning. As a department, this allows us to develop and implement a theme which we will utilize as a focus to constantly strive to improve. This year’s one-word theme is IMPACT. The definition that we are using is to “directly affect.” We believe that our desire to IMPACT this community can be a driving force behind our goals of building and strengthening the community, positively changing lives, and creating experiences that form and shape memories that will last a lifetime. Be on the lookout for stories and videos that demonstrate the IMPACT of Louisa County Parks, Recreation and Tourism in the lives of people in our community. 

We will start the new year off with one of our most IMPACTFUL programs, the 26th Annual Father Daughter Dance. The success and growth of this event has moved what was once a one night event to now two nights. New this year…we have also extended the age of the daughters to 15. Fathers and daughters, you don’t want to miss this event!

Also, in this brochure, you will find an increase in exercise and fitness classes, several new youth-driven IMPACT programs, and some of our most popular annual special events! 

Our department continues to evolve and grow to adapt to the trends in recreation and to meet the recreational needs of our community. We recently added a Marketing Coordinator to help create awareness and build connections that allow us to better communicate our programs. 

This year you will also see an increase in opportunities to provide program feedback and input through online surveys. The surveys will be used to improve and enhance programming so that we can ensure that we are meeting the needs of our community. Help us make an IMPACT by taking the time answer and submit these surveys. 

I encourage you to take a few minutes to browse through the over 80 recreational opportunities that are awaiting you in your family in this  brochure.  

As always, we hope you enjoy this edition of the Leisure Times and we look forward to meeting and exceeding your recreational needs in 2020.  

James A. Smith, Jr.


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