A Message from Director James A. Smith, Jr.

We're here for you!
As we work to rebuild and establish our programs, we do so with a greater appreciation and reverence for the opportunity that our department plays in positively impacting the community. We’re here to be part of the solution in healing and moving our County forward. The goal is not to return to normal, it is to move beyond normal to help everyone create their best life. 

To maximize our ability to impact the community, the department has developed the following four areas of focus. 
1. Youth Development
2. Health & Wellness
3. Community Engagement 
4. Strengthening the Community

Youth Development 
It’s hard to believe that our department is in the middle of celebrating our 40th year Anniversary. From the very beginning, impacting youth has been the cornerstone for what we do. It started off mostly through youth sports and special events, but quickly expanded to child care and summer camp programming. Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism is now a leader in providing child care and youth recreational programs in Louisa. We will continue to maximize the opportunity that we have to impact county youth by incorporating Youth Developmental traits that cultivate values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health, and educational success. 

Health & Wellness
In order to focus on Heath & Wellness, the department has expanded our Group Exercise footprint by bringing in three additional instructors. The added focus on group exercise, in addition to our ongoing youth and adult recreational programming opportunities, will provide several opportunities for us to meet your health and well-being needs.  

Community Engagement
Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism has played a significant role in bringing the community together over the last forty years. We understand that our community is stronger when we are united. We are coming out of a period where interaction and opportunities to establish relationships were limited due to restrictions and health concerns. It’s important that we take advantage of opportunities to build relationships and foster Community Engagement through our programs, special events, and classes.  

Lastly, we will work to continue to Strengthen the Community by making sure that every youth has the opportunity to participate in Parks & Recreation programs regardless of their families financial resources. We are also committed to combine resources with community partners in order to provide additional opportunities to connect and strengthen the Community.
We hope you enjoy this edition of the Leisure Times Activity Guide and we look forward to serving you and impacting our community. 

Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism…Building Community, Changing Lives, Making Memories since 1981. We’re still here for you!

James A. Smith, Jr.


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