Leash Law in Louisa County

Louisa County has a leash law in effect throughout the entire county from April 1 through June 30.


For the purposes of this section, a dog shall be deemed to "run at large," while such dog is roaming, or self-hunting off the property of its owner or custodian and not under its owner's or custodians immediate control; provided, that no dog shall be deemed to be running at large in violation of this section if it shall be engaged in lawful hunting outside of such subdivision under the direction of its owner or custodian and shall thereafter stray into such subdivision; provided, that such owner or custodian shall place such dog under his immediate control within a reasonable time.

Areas in Effect

The running at-large of all dogs at any time is prohibited within the confines of the following subdivisions:
  • Aspen Hill
  • Blue Ridge Shores
  • Bluewater
  • Both Waters
  • Contrary Creek
  • Dogwood Lakes Estates
  • Edgewood Bay
  • Freshwater Estates
  • Hickory Creek Acres
  • Hidden Hills
  • Mineral Trailer Park

  • Noahs Landing
  • Oak Grove Estates
  • Orchid Lake Estates
  • Overton Fork
  • Reedy Creek
  • Shorewood
  • Tara Woods
  • Town of Louisa
  • Town of Mineral
  • Willow Brook Estates