Lake Anna Buoys

Public Side - Lake Anna 

In order to promote boating safety and minimize interference between users of public waters, a system of uniform regulatory markers has been adopted by Virginia and other states. Its principal purpose is to convey to the small craft operator, without the need for reference charts or published regulations, the presence of natural or artificial hazards and zoned areas where boat operation is, in some manner, restricted or controlled. On public waters of the State not marked by an agency of the United States, application may be made for regulatory markers or aids to navigation. 

Application and all accompanying documents are to be forwarded to: Louisa County Administration, 1 Woolfolk Avenue, Post Office Box 160, Louisa, Virginia 23093.

Application - Public Side

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Private Side - Lake Anna Waste Heat Treatment Facility (WHTF) 

The WHTF is a private body of water, owned by Dominion Energy Virginia, where access to the WHTF is restricted to private landowners and homeowner associations bordering the WHTF as well as their guests. Application may be made for proposed hazard buoy(s) on the private side of Lake Anna. Each applicant should submit a detailed letter with the application explaining the need for a hazard buoy(s).  Dominion Energy Virginia’s primary concern when reviewing an application relates the issue of public and property safety.

Dominion Energy Virginia requires the application and all accompanying documents to be initially forwarded to: Louisa County Administration Lake Anna Advisory Committee, 1 Woolfolk Avenue, Post Office Box 160, Louisa, Virginia 23093.

Application - Private Side

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