Law Enforcement Adventure Program (LEAP)

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All too often a person’s perception of law enforcement is that which is learned from crime-action television shows or movies. Another way a person’s perception of law enforcement is learned is by parents that use law enforcement to scare their children into good behavior.  “If you don’t do this, the police will arrest you”, is a statement made by parents to many young people.  Law Enforcement Officers are there to protect and serve the people, and these statements have caused a lot of anxiety in the relationships between today’s youth and law enforcement officers.  We want to make sure that today’s youth runs to a law enforcement officer in times of need, and not be afraid or have anxiety. 

Law Enforcement Adventure Program (LEAP) is a free weeklong youth camp that was developed to strengthen the relationship between police and our youth, and to give them some insight into basic policing, with an opportunity for some hands-on learning with local officers in a fun, safe manner.  Participants will have a chance to experience many facets of Law Enforcement (Equipment, K9’s Tactical teams, Crime Scene Investigation or CSI), as well as participate in several outdoor activities such as swimming at the Louisa County Pool, playing kickball, dodgeball, and running the law-fit obstacle course as a team building exercise and also a field trip is planned to a local adventure park for participants. It is also designed to dispel teens misconceptions of law enforcement, and law enforcement’s misconception about teens, and to give guidance to those interested in a career in the criminal justice field. All Louisa County's rising sixth, seventh and eighth graders are welcome to apply, and applications need to be turned in by June 10, 2019 at 5:00pm.   

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided at the Louisa County Middle School each day. 

LEAP is an Office of the Attorney General Virginia Rules camp.  The Louisa County Sheriff's Office is sponsoring this free weeklong camp in partnership with Louisa County Public Schools, Louisa County Parks, Rec and Tourism, Virginia State Police and many other Louisa agencies.   

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Documents needed for acceptance into the Summer LEAP Camp are listed below or to the right.  All documents will be required for acceptance into the 2019 Law Enforcement Adventure Program.  On the Online Application please Choose the Law Enforcement Adventure Program from the drop down box at the top of the application. 

To Register for this year's LEAP Camp complete and submit each of the documents below or to the right.

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