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Local Partners Begin Building Osborne Home

It takes a village to rear a child; it also takes a village to raise a roof. This year, our Louisa community has joined together to build a home for the Osborne family. Not only have many individuals donated their time and money to support this project, but churches and businesses have united to make our next project a success.

The New Osborne home has a collaborative sponsorship. Purcell Lumber, State Farm Insurance and Dominion Power have all uniquely contributed to thie new home. Purcell Lumber has generously donated both the land and lumber. State Farm is sponsoring the construction as a Youth Build project, which will involve our community's youth in the labor. Finally, Dominion Power donated $5,000 and raised an additional $3,000 by hostsing a car show. Even with these generous donations, however, this project requires much more time and talent. Our community churches and organizations step in at this point and supply much of the labor.

Over a dozen schools, organizations and churches provide Habitat for Humanity with the labor force necessary to build the new home. Yanceyville Christian Church has donated money every month from Sunday school offerings for several years. Each year, Bethany Christian Church sends a team of construction professionals and young people to frame the house. They usually complete the task in two days, an amazing feat to observe. Once the framing is complete, Gum Spring United Methodist hangs the drywall, Mineral United Methodist installs the siding, New Life Community Church and the Knights of Columbus paint the interior and the Louisa Garden Club landscapes. St. James Episcopal Church and Orange Baptist Church provide meals for the laborers. Finally, college students from UVA and PVCC, St. James Episcopal Church, and Mechanicsville Baptist Church fill in the gaps with a variety of skills. The Methodist churches in the area also have a creative way of contributing to our project.

The Louisa County Methodist churches have greatly impacted our current project through their Appostles Build program. Mineral Methodist Church, Lounsa Methodist Church, Byrd Mill Methodist Church, Macedonia Methodist Church and Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church have partnered to regularly donate financial support to Habitat for Humanity's local projects. Their example to ast as apostles will hopefully inspire others to sponsor our future endeavors.

Without the help of community and dedicated individuals, Habitat for Humanity would cease to exist. In this time of economic hardship, we are both increasingly grateful, yet even more in need. Many continue to find ways to give; however, we know that there will be many more that will need to scale back. Of course, there will always be many other families who will greatly appreciate the opportunity to own their own homes. As long as many of us are willing to donate some time, effort or funds, we will continue to improve our community.





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