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Commissioner of the Revenue Staff
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8
Louisa, VA 23093

Deliveries: 1 Woolfolk Avenue
Louisa, VA 23093

(540) 967-3432
(540) 967-3481

For Information onů       Contact:
Administration Nancy Maddox Pleasants
Commissioner of the Revenue
Phone: (540) 967-3432
e-mail: NPleasants@louisa.org
Contractors License
Personal Property
Real Estate Tax Relief
State Income Tax
Lisa Greene, MDCR
Phone: (540) 967-3464
e-mail: LGreene@louisa.org

Stacey Fletcher, MDCR
Phone: (540) 967-3431
e-mail: SFletcher@louisa.org
Real Estate Transfers
Land Use
Wanda Jackson, Deputy
Phone: (540) 967-3432
e-mail: WJackson@louisa.org
Real Estate Transfers Norma Trice, Deputy
Phone: (540) 967-3426
e-mail: NTrice@louisa.org
Meals Tax
Transient Occupancy Tax
Flynn Kern, Deputy
Phone: (540) 967-3454
e-mail: FKern@louisa.org
Real Estate Assessments Richard Gasper, Jr., Assessor
Phone: (540) 967-3419
e-mail: RGasper@louisa.org

Sean Rowe, Senior Appraiser
Phone: (540) 967-3480
e-mail: SRowe@louisa.org

June Stratton, Sr. Administrative Asst
Phone: (540) 967-3450
e-mail: JStratton@louisa.org

Greg Phipps, Appraiser III
Phone: (540) 967-3450
e-mail: GPhipps@louisa.org

Cindy Draves, Appraiser I
Phone: (540) 967-3450
e-mail: CDraves@louisa.org

Julie Welch, Appraiser I
Phone: (540) 967-3450
e-mail: JWelch@louisa.org

Ronnie Laws, Appraiser I
Phone: (540) 967-3450
e-mail: RLaws@louisa.org
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