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In accordance with the County ordinance, governing contractors, Louisa County Code Section 10-14, any Contractor doing business within Louisa County is required to obtain a County Contractors License.

The Virginia General Assembly enacted in 2010 the requirement of localities to have all contractors provide proof of being duly licensed by the State or a signed affidavit that he is not subject to licensure or certification as a contractor pursuant to Title 54.1, Chapter 11, of the Code of Virginia. All documentation must be submitted prior to issuance of a Louisa County Contractors License.

Fees are based on the previous year's gross receipts for contractors with the primary business location being Louisa County. Contractors having one contract job will base the fee on the job cost.

Receipts Fee
Up to $5,000$ 5.00
$5,001 - $25,000$25.00
Over $25,000$25.00 plus $0.16 per each one Hundred over the first $25,000

Please make checks payable to: COUNTY OF LOUISA

Contractor's License Due January 30th of each year.

Contractor's License applications are mailed as a courtesy, so that your work in Louisa will not be interrupted.
Contractor's License Form
Contractor's Affidavit Form
Contractor's Certificate of Workers' Compensation Insurance


Virginia State Code Section 58.1-3503 defines personal property as automobiles, trucks, manufactured homes, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers and aircraft. Louisa County is a non-pro-rating County, if you owned the vehicle January 1st; you will pay taxes for the full year. If you purchased a vehicle after January 1st you will not pay personal property tax on that vehicle until the following year.

You are required to file a Personal Property Form each year. Forms are mailed in late February listing what personal property is owned as of January 1st of the tax year based on information provided by Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and/or Game and Inland Fisheries (GIF). Information should be updated on the Personal Property Form and mailed back to the Commissioner of the Revenue's office by May 1st. If you have disposed of an item please notify DMV and/or GIF and then notify our office. New residents should register all vehicles with the DMV prior to notifying us. Verify the garaging jurisdiction is correct. Boats need to be registered with GIF also making sure the docking location is correct.
Personal Property Tax Form
DMV site
GIF site

Assessments are based on 100% of the trade-in value of the January Eastern Edition of the NADA Official Used Car Guide. Louisa County does an adjustment for high mileage on vehicles. In order to have your vehicle adjusted for high mileage you would need to provide proof of mileage as close to January 1st of the year (state inspection or statement with mileage when the vehicle was serviced). You should file this with your Personal Property form by May 1st so adjustments can be done prior to you receiving your tax bill. High Mileage Discount Form

If you are active duty Military and your legal domicile is not Virginia, you will be exempt from taxes on vehicles that are registered to you. A current Leave and Earn Statement must be filed each year with the Commissioner of the Revenue showing your legal domicile. When military persons retire and remain in Louisa County, their vehicle(s) will be subject to personal property tax. All vehicles owned by military individuals who claim Virginia as their legal state of residence are subject to personal property tax, regardless of where the vehicle is physically located.

The Personal Property Tax Relief (PPTR) grants a percentage of relief for personal property tax on personal-use vehicles valued at $20,000 and less. The percentage varies each year (2013 relief 45.71%, 2014 relief 46.23%, 2015 relief 43.48% and 2016 relief 38.50%) and is based on the effect tax rate of $1.70/100 when the PPTRA of 1998 was approved. Qualifying vehicles are those used predominantly for non-business purposes and owned or leased by natural persons. If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, your motor vehicle is considered by State Law to have a business use and does NOT qualify for Personal Property Tax Relief.

  • Is more than 50% of mileage for the year used as a business expense for Federal Income Tax purposes OR reimbursed by an employer?
  • Is more than 50% of the depreciation associated with the vehicle deducted as a business expense for Federal Income Tax purposes?
  • Is the vehicle leased by an individual and the leasing company pays the tax without reimbursement from the individual?

Virginia State Code Section 58.1-3503(17) defines business personal property as all tangible personal property employed in a trade or a business. Business are assessed, but not limited to, office furniture, equipment, machinery and tools, computer equipment and merchant's capital. The returns must be filed by May 1st of each year and all businesses in Louisa County must file a form. If you have a business in Louisa County and you do not own, lease or possess personal property, you are required to sign and return the form with an attached statement explaining how you conduct your business. You are required to file a business tangible personal property form each year. In order to keep your records accurate, the information needs to be updated each year to reflect any changes that may have occurred. Louisa County does not prorate and tax businesses that are in operation January 1st of the tax year. If you fail to file a business tangible personal property return, you will receive a statutory assessment on your business personal property. IT IS REQUIRED TO FILE A BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY FORM.
Business Personal Property Form


All real estate is subject to taxation, except that specifically exempted by state code. Property is assessed on January 1st. Tax bills are due on December 5th. The Real Estate Assessment Office reassesses all real estate in Louisa County every year. The Assessment Office is also responsible for assessing property that has been subdivided; new construction; and improvements or additions to an existing structure. Questions regarding a reassessment notice should be directed to (540) 967-3450. If there is a change of bill address, or any other change pertaining to your taxes, please notify the Commissioner of Revenue's Office at (540) 967-3432. Change of Address link

In cases of the removal of a name due to death, the deceased name may be removed if the original deed reads with the right of survivorship and a death certificate is presented to the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue. Please check your deed and bring with you when presenting the death certificate. For any other name changes, you are required to file with the Clerk of the Circuit Court (540) 967-5312.


The Office of the Commissioner of Revenue is responsible for:

  • maintaining a record for each parcel of property in Louisa County;
  • transferring property as recorded by Deed or Will in the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office;
  • assigning map numbers; updating addresses of property owners and new assessment changes for billing;
  • and, in addition, producing the Annual Real Estate Land Book, which is the basis for the Treasurer's tax bill.


This form must be filed BY May 1st of each year.

If you are 65 years of age or became permanently disabled on June 30th of the year immediately preceding the taxable year or 100% handicapped, have income of less than $40,000 from all sources, and have less than $100,000 in total net worth, you may be entitled to an exemption on your Real Estate Tax. Applications for relief on Real Estate Tax must be filed with the Commission of the Revenue's office, P.O. Box 8, Louisa, VA 23093, by May 1st annually. The table below shows the discount for which you may be eligible.

  Net Worth     (does NOT include home and first ten acres)
Income0-25,00025,001-50,000 50,001-75,00075,001-100,000
Maximum relief is $1000. Deduct first $6,500 of each person's income
(not applicant or spouse/co-owner)

The applicant, spouse and all others living in the dwelling (related or non-related) must supply the required information on the Tax Relief Application.

Requirements are:

  • Combined income cannot exceed $40,000
  • Maximum Financial Worth $100,000 (excludes up to TEN acres and the HOME in which you reside)

In order to complete the application process, the following will need to be provided to the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office:

  • Date of Birth and/or documentation verifying date of total disability
  • Documentation of ALL income listed on the application (Social Security Benefit Statement) see top of page 2
  • Documentation and evidence supporting net worth of each item on page3

A change in ownership to a spouse or a nonqualifying individual, when such change resulted solely from the death of a qualifying individual or a of such property shall result in a prorated exemption for the current taxable year.

Should you require any assistance with this form or need information, please contact this office at 540-967-3432.
Real Estate Tax Relief Application


Certain property ownerships and uses may receive exemption from local real estate and/or taxes, by designation and/or classification, per Virginia Code 58.1-3600 et seq. These property ownerships and uses include, but are not limited to: (1) churches or religious bodies, (2) non-profit cemeteries or burying grounds, (3) certain libraries and non-profit incorporated institutions of learning, (4) park and playground purposes, (5) patriotic, historical, benevolent, cultural purposes, (6) property of a non-profit corporation organized to establish and maintain a museum.
Real Estate Exemption From Taxation Form


Properties that qualify for Land Use under the category of Agricultural/Horticulture or Forest must apply to the Office of the Commissioner of Revenue by November 1st annually. To qualify for agricultural/horticulture use you must have a minimum of 5 acres open (excluding a 1 acre home-site). To qualify for forest use you must have a minimum of 20 acres in timberland (excluding a 1 acre home-site). There is a $10.00 application fee. Land Use Form Revalidation forms are to be filed biannually for property to remain under the land use valuation.

Click here for more information regarding land use categories.


A Disabled Veteran may qualify for an exemption from real estate; the following requirements must be met in order to qualify for the exemption. The real estate must be owned or jointly owned with a spouse by the veteran and the real estate must be the veteran's primary residence. The veteran must be rated by the US Department of Veteran Affairs to be 100% service-connected, permanent and totally disability. The exemption is allowed on the primary residence, with all other improvements on the property subject to taxation. The veteran must fill out the Real Estate Tax Relief for Veterans with 100% Service-Connected Disability and provide an approved letter of disability issued by the US Department of Veteran Affairs, photo identification and proof of residence occupancy, such as a utility bill. The application does not have to be filed each year, however, if you change your residence a new application needs to be filed. Application

The surviving spouse of an eligible veteran may also qualify provided the death of the veteran occurs after January 1, 2011, the surviving spouse does not remarry and the surviving spouse continues to occupy the real estate as his/her primary residence. A surviving spouse must file an application as the surviving spouse and provide a copy of the death certificate to confirm date is on or after January 1, 2011, a certified certificate of marriage from the appropriate state office of records and proof of residence occupancy, such as a utility bill. Application


The General Assembly exempted from real estate taxation, the property which is the primary residence of a surviving spouse of a member of the Armed Forces who was killed in action. To qualify, the value of the dwelling must not exceed the yearly average assessed value for a single family home in Louisa and the dwelling must be the principle residence. To apply the spouse must complete the Application for Real Property Tax Relief for Surviving Spouse of One Killed in Action and provide a death certificate to confirm date is on or after January 1, 2015, a certified certificate of marriage from the appropriate State office of records and proof of residence occupancy such as a utility bill. The application does not have be filed each year, however, a new application needs to be filed if the primary residence changes. The spouse must notify the commissioner if they remarry. Application


The Commissioner of Revenue's office is responsible for reviewing and processing state tax returns for Louisa County residents. The due date for your Virginia Income Tax Return is May 1st. Through on-line access to the Department of Taxation Information System, the staff can check the status of a refund for taxpayers.

The state allows a six month filing extension for individual and fiduciary income tax filers. No paper application or online application for extension is required. The extension provisions do not apply to payment of any tax that may be due with the return. To avoid penalties, filers must pay at least 90% of their final tax liability by the original due date for filing return.

The Commissioner's office also handles estimated tax payments. Form 760ES Voucher 1 should be sent to the Commissioner by May 1st. The Treasurer's Office processes all subsequent voucher payments.

All State Income Tax forms can be obtained from the Commissioner of Revenue's Office or by visiting the Virginia Department of Taxation website.
VA Department of Taxation

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