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The Building Inspection Division wants you to build right - that means meeting the latest safety standards! We follow Virginia's Uniform State Building Code, which sets standards for the construction and installation of all buildings, structures and related equipment. Whether you are building a commercial or residential structure, the following forms and documents apply to your project. (If you are building an agricultural structure, click on the Agricultural Structure Exemption link under “Other Documents That May Apply to a Permit.”)
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Sample Application Form
This is ONLY a sample that shows you what the actual four-part form (which is available in the Community Development Center) looks like. You are required to complete the Development Permit-Zoning and Building Form and the Building Permit Application Form if you intend to do any of the following:
1. Construct, remodel or expand any of the following:
    a. dwellings;
    b. accessory structures;
    c. farm buildings; or
2. Change the use of any structure.
3. Change the use of any premises.
County Design Requirements LINK
Contractor Owner/Agent Affidavit Forms with Subcontractor/Tradesman Information Forms
Required to allow the Contractor to make building application for the Owner of Record and subcontractor verification of appropriate licensure.
Contractor License Exemption with Subcontractor/Tradesman Information Forms
Required to allow Owner, who is not subject to licensure as a contractor, to make building application and provide contractor verification of appropriate licensure.
Fee Schedule PDF
ICC Valuation Table PDF
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