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Victim-Witness Assistance Program
The criminal justice system can seem overwhelming to the innocent victims of crime. Likewise, a witness may feel inconvenienced appearing for court and testifying about a crime. The goal of the Victim/Witness Assistance Program is to make the criminal justice system a little easier for innocent people, whether victims or witnesses, who are often called upon to serve our community by testifying in court. Our program is designed to ensure that you receive fair treatment and timely information throughout the legal process. The Louisa County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office is committed to the administration of justice. Your cooperation is essential as we strive to maintain and improve the high quality of life we have come to expect in Louisa County.

The Louisa County Commonwealth Attorney's Office is dedicated to helping victims and witness of crime, and protecting their rights. The Louisa County Victim/Witness Assistance Program provides information, support and assistance to crime victims, witnesses and family members. The Victim/Witness Assistance Program assist victims, witnesses and their families through the criminal justice system; make referrals for crisis intervention, medical assistance, financial assistance; assist with counseling and other social services; assist in safety and protection plans; and provide support during an often life-changing series of events.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office (540-967-2205) with any questions and concerns that may arise during the process.


As a victim or a witness of crime, you have certain rights under Virginia's Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act. These rights include:
  • Information about:
    • Your rights and local agencies and programs that can provide information and assistance
    • Protection and Protective Orders
    • Financial assistance and social services, including the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund (crime victims compensation)
    • Address and telephone confidentiality
    • Separate waiting area during court proceedings
  • Assistance in:
    • Obtaining protection and protective orders
    • Obtaining property held by law enforcement agencies
    • Receiving intercession services with your employer
  • Notification of:
    • Changes in court dates
    • Changes in the status of the defendant, if he/she is being held in a jail or a correctional facility
    • The opportunity to prepare a written victim impact statement prior to sentencing of a defendant in felony cases

Please click on the below links to resources for more information about the assistance that is available to victims.
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