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MAY 21, 2007
5:00 P.M.

Board Present: Fitzgerald A. Barnes, Willie L. Gentry, Jr., Willie L. Harper, Richard A. Havasy, Allen B. Jennings, Eric F. Purcell and Jack T. Wright [an error occurred while processing this directive]
Others Present: C. Lee Lintecum, County Administrator; Ernie McLeod, Deputy County Administrator; Patrick Morgan, County Attorney; Darren Coffey, Director of Community Development; Will Cockrell, Senior Planner; Jason Pauley, County Engineer; Kevin Linhares, Director of Facilities Management; Bob Hardy, Director of Information Technology; Amanda Lloyd, Office Manager and April Jacobs, Deputy Clerk


Chairman Wright called the May 21, 2007 regular meeting of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors to order at 5:00 p.m.  Mr. Barnes led the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Ms. Tamara Ryan, Green Springs District, stated she is a resident of Spring Creek and a member of the Advisory Committee to the Spring Creek Community Association.  Ms. Ryan said she is here tonight with other residents and mothers of the Spring Creek Moms Group.  Ms. Ryan stated they came into the County for reasons such as hearing it was a great place to live, to play, and to raise a family, and that Louisa County was on the move.  Ms. Ryan stated they look forward to becoming more involved in the Community and being a part of the Countys growth plan.  Ms. Ryan said the synergy around Merchants Walk and the future shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities are exciting.  Ms. Ryan said future growth gives hope of potentially creating additional jobs for County residents, the ability to shop and spend tax money where we live, and possibly lower tax rates.  

Ms. Ryan said most residents were unaware of the Zion Crossroads water challenges when they moved here.  Ms. Ryan said they want to ensure everyone, that as residents, they plan to play as much of an active role as possible to conserve and help preserve the wells in the Historic Green Springs District.  Ms. Ryan stated after reading the Central Virginian Newspaper, they have begun discussing how they can ensure that the water table levels are not endangered this summer, particularly if a drought occurs.  Ms. Ryan said they welcome the Louisa County Water Officials to speak and update them directly by contacting any member of their Advisory Committee.  Ms. Ryan added the Committee would communicate information to the Spring Creek residents.  Ms. Ryan said concerns about water use have never been addressed directly to residents in Spring Creek, but direct communication is critical because they only learn about potential water level concerns by reading the newspaper.  Ms. Ryan said they are being proactive by recommending the initiation of self-imposed water use regulations in regards to lawn care and reminding residents to conserve water through other practical means.  

Ms. Ryan stated many of their children attend Louisa County Public Schools.  Ms. Ryan stated recently, a Spring Creek resident nominated a Trevilians Elementary School teacher for the Teacher of the Year Award.  Ms. Ryan said after hearing about the residents impressions on the school, several other residents were concerned to read about budget cuts.  Ms. Ryan emphasized that they want County leaders to work together to ensure there is efficiency and effectiveness within our Local Government without compromising the education of Louisa Countys children.  Ms. Ryan said they want Louisa County to have a world-class school system similar to other counties within the State, which have received national recognition for being progressive and having high standards of excellence.  Ms. Ryan stated our children face greater challenges and a high quality education by progressive school system is essential.  Ms. Ryan stated a principal said to her that every child should receive an education that will not only help them to survive in life, but to live at whatever standard they choose when they graduate high school.  Ms. Ryan said every child in Louisa deserves an excellent education and every resident deserves an efficient and effective government.  Ms. Ryan said they are looking to the Board to provide them and their families with an excellent educational system and top-notch new schools expeditiously.  Ms. Ryan thanked the Board for allowing her to speak.  

Mr. Aaron Schmidt, Mineral District, stated he is a teacher at Louisa County Middle School and the reason he is here has nothing to do with money.  Mr. Schmidt said he realizes that the task of balancing the books is the Boards job, and he also realizes it is certainly an unenviable one.  Mr. Schmidt said what he is here about are the priorities with which this daunting task is accomplished and for that reason, he is here to share his experience as a first year teacher in Louisa County.

Mr. Schmidt stated the Board could be sure he is not here about money because he is an educator.  Mr. Schmidt stated among the many things he learned on his way to his Master's in Secondary English Education, he became certain that salary is never the priority of an educator, and, more importantly that he didn't care, because the priority of training the future citizens of our Country far exceeds any amount of financial compensation.  Mr. Schmidt said the only financial matter he would discuss with the Board is a wager.  Mr. Schmidt said hes be willing to bet that if any good educator was asked what they would want, they would say they want more time with their students, not salary increases, not breaks and not benefits. Mr. Schmidt added Louisa County is filled with good educators.

Mr. Schmidt said from the instant he first came to the County, he knew that good educators were prevalent here because of the community created inside the schools and between the people of Louisa.  Mr. Schmidt added that community is the intangible quality that defines Louisa County, the thing that makes us roar for our Lions when we compete athletically with other counties and binds us together to separate us philosophically from other counties.  Mr. Schmidt said we are a community because we make each other our priority, and most importantly, our children the priority.

Mr. Schmidt said our educators all share this priority and all of us work toward maximizing our time with our students to open the doors of education and opportunity for our children. Mr. Schmidt said as a community, we are able to overcome many obstacles that far too often lock these doors for our children.  Mr. Schmidt said when we, as educators, feel locked ourselves by outside obstacles, our priorities are forced to change and for any good educator, we become frustrated when our priorities have to divert from our students, and the current budget talks create precisely such a frustration.

Mr. Schmidt asked the Board to listen to the myriad concerns from these scores of good educators and hear that though it takes many forms, our frustration all derives from the same priority; that of wanting simply more time to open these doors for our students, and the priority of community.  Mr. Schmidt said teachers want to know that the Board continually upholds their priorities, and that the sense of community that defines Louisa is supported.

Mr. Schmidt said earlier in the year, he had to make the hardest decision of my young career to leave Louisa County.  Mr. Schmidt said it was difficult because of the community that embraced, supported, and bettered him as an educator and now, because of this frustration, that decision seems somewhat easier.  Mr. Schmidt said that is the greatest indicator that we all need to carefully consider the next steps of our community, because we must work together to make it impossible for anyone to want to leave it.

Mr. Wayne Jones, Mineral District, asked the Board to rescind the actions taken when they cut the Schools budget.  Mr. Jones said he knows from working in the school system that there is not a lot of extra money requested in the budget.  Mr. Jones said jobs would probably be lost with a twenty-five percent cut from the administrative category.  Mr. Jones said he knows the Board is honorable people and he is asking for the Board to reconsider the Schools budget.  Mr. Jones said Louisa County has a good school system and good employees. Mr. Jones said the County is exploding with growth and the Schools will have more students and that is a problem that will not go away.

Ms. Sue Rayburn, Patrick Henry District,
stated she is here to address the cut in the Schools budget.  Ms. Rayburn said the Board has been very advanced and proactive in the growth that has been encouraged at Zion Crossroads and the subdivisions that have been allowed to come into the County.  Ms. Rayburn stated the County needs the new teaching positions so classes arent so large.  Ms. Rayburn said if the teaching positions werent funded at Trevilians, they would have classes starting at about 28 to 30 children.  Ms. Rayburn said the Schools administration has worked hard to find good and qualified teachers.  

Ms. Rayburn stated she is concerned about the potential cut in the nursing staff.  Ms. Rayburn said there is hardly a day that goes by where there isnt a major or minor emergency.  Ms. Rayburn said she feels that the School Board has worked hard to fund beneficial programs for the children and the staff.  Ms. Rayburn said if the County is going to have growth, then the School budget needs to be funded.

Mr. Hashim Davis, Mineral District, stated he is a seventh grade teacher at Louisa Middle School and he is the President of the Louisa County Education Association.  Mr. Davis said it has been told to him that every decision made, with regards to education, is a political decision.  Mr. Davis said school employees and students are here to let the Board know that they are worth it.  Mr. Davis added they are here because their conscience demand nothing less of them.  Mr. Davis said it isnt about the numbers, but it is about the faces within those numbers and the lives that are affected who reside within those numbers.  Mr. Davis said ten years from now, the Board will be remembered for the decision they make on this day.  Mr. Davis questioned if the Board wanted to be remembered as a body who made decisions according to numbers or if they would rather be remembered as a collective who dared to face the challenge of asking the question “Are we worth it” and simply answered yes you are.  

Mr. P.T. Spencer, Louisa District, stated everyone in the audience is human beings; they are not to be used by the Board of Supervisors or the School Board.  Mr. Spencer said he contacted Ms. Horne and she told him how stupid the Board of Supervisors are to think that the principals and vice-principals are under the administration category when they cut that part of the budget.  Mr. Spencer said one thing that needs to be explained to the people here tonight is that the Board of Supervisors has already approved $1.5 million for the teacher salaries.  Mr. Spencer said Ms. Horne sent out an email saying the School Board was going to pull contracts and the teachers werent going to get their pay raises.  Mr. Spencer stated that was the most absurd thing he has ever heard and people dont deserve to be treated like that.  Mr. Spencer stated there are 28,000 other taxpayers in this County as well and everyone deserves to know the true story.  

Mr. Ben Stone, Jackson District, stated he would like to speak on behalf of increasing the funds for Louisa County Public Schools.  Mr. Stone said he uses the services of the school systems more than most kids.  Mr. Stone said he has been in the Talented and Gifted Program since Kindergarten, but he is also learning disabled.  Mr. Stone said he has needed both TAG and special education services to succeed.  Mr. Stone stated he is concerned about the conditions of the Louisa County Public Schools.  Mr. Stone said Louisa County has very intelligent students, dedicated parents and great teachers and administrators.  Mr. Stone said with the proper support, Louisa County could be leader in education in the State.  

Mr. Stone stated the year he started Kindergarten, there was a huge increase in the number of students and a new elementary school was needed then.  Mr. Stone said it has been talked about for years and plans have been made and after almost eight years, there still is no elementary school.  Mr. Stone said and now, the County also needs a new middle and high school. Mr. Stone said because of the over crowding in the classrooms, students have to go to lunch early and learning is made more difficult.  Mr. Stone said this year, the advanced classes have well over 30 students in each classroom.  Mr. Stone said more teachers and more classrooms are needed.  Mr. Stone said some classes dont have the supplies needed to perform experiments, which help students understand the subjects.  Mr. Stone said the students suffer when the Schools arent property funded.  Mr. Stone asked the Board of Supervisors to understand the tough positions that the students are put in and to fully fund the Local School Systems because they are the future.  

Ms. Pam Adkison, Cuckoo District, stated she is speaking on behalf of the nurses.  Ms. Adkison said she feels the nurses need to be kept within the school systems because she doesnt think just anyone could give medication and attention to children, not knowing about the reactions the children could have to certain medications.  Ms. Adkison said the nurses have done the wonderful job that they need to do.  Ms. Adkison said she feels that other monies could be cut outside of these categories.  

Ms. Edyth Kemp, Louisa District, asked the Board to reevaluate the request for the reductions of the 2007-2008 School budget.  Ms. Kemp said these reductions geared towards the budget are due to figures and recommendations from the efficiency review report.  Ms. Kemp stated this report has been available to the public for quite some time.  Ms. Kemp said there have been numerous opportunities to ask questions, state concerns and request justifications prior to last weeks letter to the School Board.  Ms. Kemp stated she attended the joint meeting held in April regarding the budget and a motion was made and passed that night to allow contracts to be distributed to teachers prior to the ending of the school year.  Ms. Kemp said very few questions and concerns were addressed and she didnt attend the Boards budget meeting because of the positive feedback she heard from the joint meeting.  

Ms. Kemp said now teacher salaries will need to be readdressed, school nurse positions may need to be reevaluated and loss of classified personnel may also occur to balance next years budget.  Ms. Kemp said she doesnt believe that these cuts were what the Board had in mind when they made reductions in the two categories.  Ms. Kemp stated she doesnt feel that the Board understands the true needs of the School System.  

Ms. Kemp said the altercation between the Boards needs to stop.  Ms. Kemp added the citizens of Louisa County are tired of reading about it in the Central Virginian, hearing about it when they go out, and as a school employee, dealing with the disputes each time a new budget is presented.  Ms. Kemp said as a citizen of Louisa County, she prefers that the Board maintain the current tax rate if that is what it takes to preserve the proposed School budget.  Ms. Kemp stated she hopes the Board has the foresight of improving the educational system of Louisa County and not just reducing the School budget and tax rate for political gain.  

Ms. Milly Shackelford, Jackson District, stated she had two children in the Louisa County School System.  Ms. Shackelford said she is very interested in the education of children and asked the Board to please approve the School budget as is.  Ms. Shackelford said not to take the childrens resources from them.  

Mr. Wes Eary, Powhatan County, stated he is the principal of Jouett Elementary School and he is here to speak in favor of the Board of Supervisors adopting the budget as presented by the School Board.  Mr. Eary stated as a County employee, he feels he should point out things that hes either heard or read lately.  Mr. Eary said the Board should be aware of the perceptions that are out there so they can be clarified or put to rest and he is sure there are misunderstandings all over.  

Mr. Eary said hes heard and read people saying things like “mistakes have been made.”  Mr. Eary said he believes whatever happens is based on decisions people make and sometimes those decisions arent based on good information.  Mr. Eary said he thinks the Board of Supervisors should continue to work toward a better understanding that whatever happens in a school division effects everything else in the school division, and ultimately, everything that happens helps or hinders the education of a child.  

Mr. Eary said hes heard comments like “The Supervisors will teach that School Board and Superintendent a lesson.”  Mr. Eary said hes heard that some Supervisors had no idea that these cuts might affect nurses; and then, that its the school boards fault if the nurses get cut, yet the Supervisors are the ones who fund the category that includes the nurses.  Mr. Eary said hes heard that the Supervisors want an explanation about the budget amount; yet deciding to cut it sure seemed to be an aggressive way to ask a question.  Mr. Eary said hes heard that Supervisors have said the efficiency review that was done last year said the administrative category was higher than those in the area and didnt mention that the next phrase or two went on to state how high the satisfaction rate was with the district administration and they would recommend no change in this area.  Mr. Eary said hes heard that the funds spent on the new school can be gotten back out of this budget to get back at the School Board or the Superintendent.  Mr. Eary said hes heard this whole situation is about one Supervisor in particular who is upset over something that happened before any of us were here.  Mr. Eary said hes heard that the design for the new school was a terrible, wasteful plan and it doesnt matter what any of the thinking was behind this plan, it was just some greedy architects idea.  Mr. Eary said hes heard that trailers are good enough for every child in Louisa County Schools.  Mr. Eary said all these negative things said about the School Board and about the Supervisors, its no wonder people of the County arent sure who to trust and that has to change.  Mr. Eary said in addition to support for the budget, he is requesting an agreement between the Boards to work together.  Mr. Eary said this cant be about old grudges, it has to be about whats good for the children of the County.

Mr. Eary said speaking of the good of the children of the County, he would offer that good enough is rarely good enough.  Mr. Eary said the state minimum for anything is a pretense because no one tries to fund at that level, nor should they.  Mr. Eary said he is sure theres been a time when you needed to take your child to the doctor for treatment and no one asks for “just enough treatment” to feel a little better.  Mr. Eary said we want our child to be fully treated and we read magazines searching for the names of doctors whove been picked as the best in the area and the same is true for our schools.  Mr. Eary added our children are entitled to the best teachers, the best administrators, and the best facilities.

Mr. Eary said hes been an employee of two school divisions in Virginia and two others in Illinois. Mr. Eary said the support from everyone in this central office is strong and is one of the things that make this division a better value than those around Louisa County.  

Ms. Laurie Cooper, Green Springs District,
stated she sent an email to the Board and also spoke with Mr. Gentry and Mr. Havasy on the phone.  Ms. Cooper said from what she understands the Board of Supervisors wants justification for the budget.  Ms. Cooper said it is her understanding that work sessions were held with the Board of Education and the questions that were asked of her on the phone were not asked to the Board of Education.  Ms. Cooper said if those questions were present, she wished the Board would have asked the Board of Education rather than recommending the budget cuts and then waiting for citizens to react.  

Ms. Cooper said if the budget cuts are about the efficiency review and the fact that the Countys administration ratio cost to student was higher than the divisions compared to, the Board did not read any further.  Ms. Cooper stated the efficiency review says despite the higher cost, the review recommended that the organizational structure of the administration be maintained.  Ms. Cooper said if the cuts are about past grudges of individuals or to get back at the Board of Education for the elementary school, the Board certainly has one up on them.  Ms. Cooper said everyone is all connected and the choice made tonight effects everyone because we all work together.  Ms. Cooper added if the money is taken away, the only people hurting are the children.  Ms. Cooper said there have been two students that have moved into this district with very fragile medical needs and it only takes a few students like that to make the budget increase.  Ms. Cooper stated with the growth going on in the County, people are being recruited to live in Louisa and with that, are going to come very specific needs.  

Ms. Cooper said she lives at Zion Crossroads and she could drive fifteen minutes from her house and make more money, but the quality of education that is provided for children in Louisa County is not in other counties.  Ms. Cooper asked the Board to please keep what had been started in the County.  

Ms. Leann Collier, Green Springs District, stated she was here to speak on behalf of the nurses.  Ms. Collier said she had two children in the Louisa County School System and the nurses have helped them through school.  Ms. Collier said she has dealt with great EMTs before, but they dont have all of the medical background that the nurses have.  Ms. Collier said the school nurses are great, loving, caring, and the children trust them and thats what the County needs.    

Ms. Elizabeth Harris, Albemarle County,
stated she is a school psychologist and this is her first year working in the County.  Ms. Harris said like with many new jobs, there have been ups and downs, but what keeps her going is the potential that she sees of the children.  Ms. Harris said if the budget cuts remain, she might have to find a new job.  Ms. Harris said she doesnt want to do that, but shed move on.  Ms. Harris said however, if the resources are taken from the children, they will be negatively and permanently affected.  Ms. Harris asked the Board to keep that in mind when considering the budget.  

Ms. Sara Bright, Spotsylvania County,
stated she is the Director for people personnel for the Louisa County Schools.  Ms. Bright said she is in her 31st year in education and she is here to talk to the Board not only about administration, school physiologists and nurses, but also the teachers and the children.  Ms. Bright said the administrative section of the budget affects all of those people.  Ms. Bright stated the persons that will be hurt by the budget cut will be the children and they are the leaders of the future.  Ms. Bright stated the School Division cannot operate without leadership and if the cuts are made as directed, the Schools will be left with a skeletal administration.  

Ms. Bright stated cutting the nurses will leave the children vulnerable and in great jeopardy.  Ms. Bright added only skilled nursing professionals can handle certain care that is needed. Ms. Bright said the nurses monitor the overall health of the students and they provide valuable information to the parents about what the children need.  

Ms. Bright said the school physiologists complete physiological testing that is required by the State, Local and Federal laws with regards to students with disabilities.  Ms. Bright stated the school physiologists are a major part of the Crisis Intervention Team, they are the first responders when a crisis occurs, they conduct threat assessments, they provide counseling to students when appropriate and they work with parents of students who are in need.  

Ms. Bright said cuts in the instructional budget would also cause the students to suffer because of increasing class sizes.  Ms. Bright stated Louisa County Schools are of high quality and dedicated individuals, who truly care about the students.  Ms. Bright stated the County loses teachers every year because other divisions have higher pay scales and the County loses the opportunity to hire many dedicated, quality individuals each year because either contracts cannot be issued or the contents of the contracts are not known in timely fashion.  Ms. Bright said the County couldnt continue to operate in this manner and continue to improve.  Ms. Bright reminded the Board that the budget is not only for the adults, but also for the children and future leaders.  Ms. Bright encouraged the Board to reconsider thoughts on the budget.

Ms. Sandy Herdle, Chesterfield County,
stated she works at Jouett Elementary School.  Ms. Herdle said the School Board has put a lot of time into putting together the budget based on needs within the schools.  Ms. Herdle said those needs come from the School Board asking each school what they need from positions to textbooks and everything in between.  Ms. Herdle said Mr. Wright has been the only one that has taken time to come visit Jouett.  Ms. Herdle stated when a third of a part of the budget is cut, that affects other things within the school system as well.  Ms. Herdle said the reason everyone does as well as they do is because of the support from the central office, the secretaries and the custodial staff.  

Ms. Herdle stated historically in Louisa, there was a time when two Boards worked together.  Ms. Herdle said imagine what could be done today if this was still the case.  Ms. Herdle said it is time to focus on the students and their needs now because they are the future and they dont deserve to go another year without a new school.  Ms. Herdle said each year that goes by is costing the County more than money.  Ms. Herdle said her opinion is that instead of spending time complaining about designs of the new school, the Boards should focus more on what goes on in each building, spend time visiting and get a real sense of what is needed.  Ms. Herdle said the fact remains that architects receive awards for designs that meet the needs and construction managers remain in business because of their reputations for getting projects done on time and under budget.  Ms. Herdle said the new school will likely be built at very little savings and will likely be lacking what is needed.  Ms. Herdle said the longer the project is put off, the more costly it is financially and in so many other ways.  Ms. Herdle said the Schools are now losing Dr. Melton to the city of Fredericksburg.  Ms. Herdle said Dr. Melton has implemented the effective schools process and Louisa County has come so far in the last nine years.  

Ms. Princess Moss, Spotsylvania County, stated she is president of the Virginia Education Association (VEA) and a proud Louisa County Teacher.  Ms. Moss thanked the Board for the opportunity to speak and for the things the Board has done to ensure that Louisa is a progressive community.  Ms. Moss said in her position as VEA president, shes had the opportunity of visiting school districts across the Commonwealth advocating for professional pay and working conditions for education employees.  Ms. Moss said her travels have taken her from deep Southwest, where teachers also drive school buses to make ends meet, to Fairfax where good salaries are talked about, but the cost of living is so high that teachers cant afford to live in the communities in which they work, to Sussex County, where the people would simply like a living wage for starters.  Ms. Moss said in her travels, she has always touted her home district, Louisa, for being progressive, even in the face of challenges.  Ms. Moss said the records show that over the years, salaries, while not where they should be, have improved, test scores have climbed, schools are accredited and students are learning.  Ms. Moss added all of these things are necessary for a school systems survival, especially in our competitive global society.  

Ms. Moss said it has been interesting to her that the biggest enemy shes met is the force of the status quo.  Ms. Moss said the status quo says its okay to rest on our laurels and not plan for continuous growth and its okay to ignore the fact that thirty percent of new hires leave teaching within the first three years because of salaries and working conditions.  Ms. Moss said the status quo says lets settle to be good when we have the potential to be great.  Ms. Moss added it is so easy to fall into the trap of the status quo.  Ms. Moss if the status quo prevailed, there would be no cell phones, fiber optic connections would be merely a dream, travel to the west coast would take months, and our students would be learning by rote and not critical thinking.  Ms. Moss asked the Board to not allow Louisa County, or its schools, to fall into the trap of the status quo.  

Ms. Moss said Warren Bennis, a distinguished business administration professor and founder of The Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California, gives a challenge to think about.  Ms. Moss stated he said the manager accepts the status quo, the leader challenges it.  Ms. Moss stated he also said the manager has his eye on the bottom line, the leader on the horizon.  Ms. Moss said her challenge to the Board is to never accept the status quo and to look to the horizon and lead citizens of Louisa County there.

Ms. Dee Dee Toombs, Green Springs District, stated she is the school nurse at Louisa High School.  Ms. Toombs said she came to Louisa, taking a $19,000 pay cut, to be a school nurse to take care of the children.  Ms. Toombs said the children are very important to her and she treats them as if they were her own.  Ms. Toombs said she has had several instances where she has had to help students and staff in emergency situations.  Ms. Toombs said she hopes the Board sees how important it is to keep school nurses in the schools.  Ms. Toombs said she has two children at Trevilians Elementary and she would be very uncomfortable if there wasnt a school nurse there for them.  Ms. Toombs asked the Board to please keep the budget.  

Ms. Gayle Hughes, Louisa District, stated she is a bookkeeper at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.  Ms. Hughes said she is here to speak on behalf of the office staff.  Ms. Hughes said the office staff has a lot going on every day.  Ms. Hughes said classified staff is not the best paid, but she stays with the School System for the love that she has acquired over the years.  Ms. Hughes stated she would like to invite anyone to join staff one day as they goes through these crisis.  Ms. Hughes said the County has a good school system and good employees and the doors cannot be opened without everyone doing their tasks.  

Ms. Stephanie Stanley, Jackson District, stated she is a parent of a fifth grader at Jouett Elementary and she has been a PTA president for the past two years at Jouett.  Ms. Stanley said as a citizen and a parent she has come to the conclusion that the Board of Supervisors doesnt care about the education of the students.  Ms. Stanley said in watching the interaction between the School Board, it appears that there are grudges, personal feelings and bad attitudes.  Ms. Stanley stated the Board is a steward of her tax dollars and she came forward and asked this last year and she thought the Boards agreed that they would act together as a team for the youth.  Ms. Stanley questioned why the budget is such an ordeal every May.  Ms. Stanley said she thinks the children are worth getting the education that they deserve.  Ms. Stanley said she understands the Board wants clarification, but the Board is hurting the children.  Ms. Stanley stated four new positions might be something needed to meet accreditation because of the No Child Left Behind Act.  Ms. Stanley asked the Board to please listen to parents and for the two Boards to stop fighting and feuding and act together as a winning team.  Ms. Stanley said to help the kids, not hurt them.  

Mr. Milton Wickham, Hanover County, stated he is the son of Betty Wickham and he is here to speak on the rezoning of the Betty Wickham property.  Mr. Wickham said the family has worked this land for three generations and paid taxes on the property.  Mr. Wickham said now at retirement, his mother is planning to sell the property to provide for her.  Mr. Wickham said he has heard the Board talk about spot zoning and the Comprehensive Plan.  Mr. Wickham stated he has never heard of one person in the Community being opposed to this planned development.  Mr. Wickham said he hopes the Board will find in their hearts to pass the rezoning of this property.  

Rev. Charles Sims, Patrick Henry District, stated to the Board to fund the budget.  Rev. Sims said a lot has been said about the nurses, the teachers and the school.  Rev. Sims stated it is time for a decision to be made.  Rev. Sims said the new school needs to be finished and he hopes the funds are included in the budget.  Rev. Sims said the fact has to be understood that some things are important in everyones life and whenever a budget is set, if it isnt right, someone will be neglected.  Rev. Sims stated he has been through three major surgeries and nurses are important.  Rev. Sims said he is in favor of the budget and to get the new school built for the children.  Rev. Sims added that the children should be the number one concern.  


On motion of Mr. Havasy, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board voted to move the discussion and consideration of the restoration of funding to the Louisa County Public Schools to the first item under presentations.    

Mr. Lintecum stated the discussion to set public hearing for the abandonment of approximately 600 linear feet of State Route 749 (in Shenandoah Crossings) needs to be postponed. Mr. Harper stated he would like to add a resolution declaring May 19-25, 2007 as safe boating week in Louisa County to consent agenda.  

On motion of Mr. Jennings, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the May 21, 2007 agenda was adopted as amended.


Discussion and Consideration Restoration of funding to the Louisa County Public Schools

Ms. Robin Horne stated the budget objectives for this year were to maintain competitive salary scales, to meet the Schools needs due to growth within the County, to plan for increases in operating costs and to develop a Capital Budget to meet the needs of the growing school division.  

Ms. Horne said
the School Board understands that the Board of Supervisors has a difficult job.  Ms. Horne said the Board must set a tax rate that reflects the needs of the entire County and the School Board is a large portion of that need so they depend on the Boards support of the schools.  Ms. Horne said in the past, the Board has been supportive of helping the School Board maintain what they have worked hard to achieve.  Ms. Horne said the School Board makes commitments to new and experienced teachers, staff, administrators and students with this budget cycle.  Ms. Horne said whether the Boards agree or disagree, the School Board made these commitments on what they perceived as a budget that had not been challenged at the joint meeting held in April.  Ms. Horne said the teacher salary scales is something that both Boards have worked hard to achieve and it was the biggest portion of new money asked for.  Ms. Horne stated when the money is taken from the instructional category, it affects teacher salaries, teacher jobs, school programs, classified employees and students.  

Ms. Horne said the School Board understand that twenty-five percent of the Administration budget was cut due to concerns with the efficiency review.  Ms. Horne said the efficiency review finding states that the Division of Administration in Louisa County School Division is staffed higher than the peer division average and peers with greater enrollments.  Ms. Horne said the review also states that because of the effectiveness of this report and careful examination of the use of administration and support positions, consultants believe that the current organizational pattern should be maintained.  Ms. Horne said this pattern will permit the division to meet the demands of no child left behind, state mandates, and projected increases in student enrollment and an increase in the number of schools served.  Ms. Horne said the efficiency review also talked about the ratio of assistant principals to students.  Ms. Horne said it notes that the School Board has approved increasing school level assistant principal staffing in each school.  Ms. Horne said the review stated that this decision has been beneficial to the students of Louisa County Public Schools and, combined with other actions, has resulted in better student performance.  Ms. Horne said the efficiency review states that Louisa County Public Schools are commended for providing a level of administrative staff that supports the academic program goals and objectives and allows the schools in the division to obtain commendable levels of achievement.  Ms. Horne said Louisa is commended for operating and administratively maintaining a high level of school level of customer satisfaction.  Ms. Horne stated the School Board understand that their budget structure is complex and can be confusing and the School Board hopes the Board will consider reinstating the funds that were cut from their budget.  

Dr. Melton said Ms. Horne asked if he would explain to the Board about the new positions requested in the budget.  Dr. Melton said the Title 1, Home School Coordinator, position falls under the category of support.  Dr. Melton said that position was funded solely by Federal funds until the Federal budget was cut and it was important enough to move to the operating budget.  Dr. Melton said this position is considered an after hours position and this person goes into the homes of underachieving students and meets with the parents to develop an educational plan, to encourage the parents to be more active and to set up different options for the students.  Dr. Melton stated the Special Education Teacher request is a compliance position to specifically teach autistic children because the special education population is growing rapidly.  

Dr. Melton stated the School Board also included in the budget four elementary teachers positions for growth.  Dr. Melton said three of the four positions are K-3 positions and the other is a 5
th grade position.  Dr. Melton said the Schools receive additional money from the State for keeping a student to teacher ratio at 20:1 or less for K-3.  Dr. Melton said if those positions arent filled, the student to teacher ratio would be over and the Schools would lose State funding of about $250,000.  Dr. Melton said there are two additional high school teachers requested in the budget.  Dr. Melton stated enrollment figures are extremely high in the core academic classes.  Dr. Melton said the Schools are beginning to see more students taking English as a second language.  Dr. Melton said before the Middle School Spanish Teacher was able to have a split schedule to teach Spanish and English as a second language. Dr. Melton said the Schools now a more need for Spanish at the Middle School so another teacher is needed.  Dr. Melton stated two bus drivers are requested because currently seventy-five percent of students ride the school bus every day.  Dr. Melton added the buses are close to reaching maximum capacity.  

Mr. Purcell stated he begs to differ that the Board of Supervisors has not cared about the students of the County.  Mr. Purcell said he has never turned down a request from the Schools and he is not going to tonight.  Mr. Purcell stated the art of compromise doesnt mean one side gets everything.  Mr. Purcell advised that everyone in the County needs to remain civil and have positive discourse.  Mr. Purcell said he would be supportive of reinstating the money back into the budget.  

Mr. Havasy said the Board of Supervisors is elected and a major part of the Boards job is to discuss budget requests.  Mr. Havasy stated he objects to when a group of people feels that the Board doesnt have the right to ask for justification on the budget.  Mr. Havasy stated the Board questions all Departments for justification if they feel the need and there has never been a time, since he has been on the Board, where people were so cruel to their employees.  Mr. Havasy said if the School Board would have given justification of the instruction and administration categories then there wouldnt have been any issues.  Mr. Havasy said he resents the administration leadership where the School Board put all teachers through this stress.  Mr. Havasy added that was dishonest and cruel.  Mr. Havasy said the Board made a mistake and realizes it and he is here to support the school district.  Mr. Havasy said his vote would be to reinstate the money for the mistake made on the administration category.  

Mr. Barnes said this is the first time in ten years that the Board has had this amount of people show to a meeting because of a budget issue.  Mr. Barnes said he brags about the gains made within the teacher salaries in this County.  Mr. Barnes said he remembers what teachers do and he will always support that.  Mr. Barnes said it is important that State legislatures are funding money because if not, localities are left with holes to fill.  Mr. Barnes said he is going to vote to reinstall the entire budget to the Schools.  

Mr. Gentry said when he looked at the efficiency report, the number in the administration category of 34.7 percent over the other schools that were compared stood out.  Mr. Gentry said he immediately felt that part of his job as a Board member, was to be a good steward of the taxpayers so he started asking questions.  Mr. Gentry stated Louisa has eleven administration positions compared to Orange and Fluvanna, which only have seven positions.  Mr. Gentry stated the Board wanted to get justification to why Louisa County was higher than other counties.  Mr. Gentry said the Board cut twenty-five percent of administration based on the efficiency report, but they left it open to the School Board to provide justification.  

Mr. Gentry stated money cut was for new positions not for current positions, therefore, it would not have affected teacher contracts.  Mr. Gentry stated he doesnt see enrollment projections that dictate the student to teacher ratios.  Mr. Gentry said the Board of Supervisors is supportive of the children.  

Mr. Gentry stated he attended the School Boards work session last week with the idea of hearing the School Board speak about the justification.  Mr. Gentry said instead of hearing justification of the budget, School Board members said the Board of Supervisors are arrogant, have personal agendas, micromanage, have vendetta, are ignorant, have no sense of respect, and he thought that was difficult to sit through and he doesnt think that was appropriate.  Mr. Gentry said he will forgive the School Board for what was said and hopes the School Board recognizes the position they put him in.  Mr. Gentry thanked the citizens for showing at the meeting and expressing their concerns.

Mr. Jennings said he likes the participation of the citizens showing their opinions and concerns.  Mr. Jennings said Ms. Horne and Dr. Melton gave justification and he will continue to support education.  

Mr. Harper said the Board has the right and responsibility to ask for justification and they expect it when asked for.  Mr. Harper said asking for justification of the budget was a fair and needy question to represents the people who arent here tonight.

On motion of Messrs Wright, Harper, Jennings, Gentry, Purcell, Havasy, and Barnes, seconded by Messrs Wright, Harper, Jennings, Gentry, Purcell, Havasy, and Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board voted to restore funding in the categories of Administration and Instruction to the Louisa County Public Schools.

Presentation - 2006 Virginia Excellence in Waterworks Performance Award

Mr. Bar Delk presented Mr. Jim Moore, Deputy Field Director of the Virginia Department of Heath, Office of Drinking Water.  Mr. Moore stated the Office of Drinking Water is please to recognize water treatment plants that demonstrate outstanding performance.  Mr. Moore said there are three levels of performance awards that are given to water treatment plants, which are the Bronze Award, the Silver Award and the Gold Award.  Mr. Moore said he is privileged to present the Gold Performance Award to the Louisa County Water Authority. Mr. Moore stated this award acknowledges the skill and dedication of the operators at the Northeast Creek Water Treatment Plant.  Mr. Moore said it is extremely difficult to meet the water quality criteria that qualify for the Gold Award.  Mr. Moore said there are 136 water treatment plants throughout the Commonwealth that qualify for the performance awards and only two met all of the criteria and qualified for the Gold Award.  


Resolution - To decide on the request for conditional rezoning of five parcels containing approximately 279.73 acres from Agricultural (A-2) to Residential Limited (R-1)

Mr. Stephen Mattson, Applicant, stated two concerns that keep coming up with this development that he would like to address is spot zoning and conformity to the Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Mattson said the definition of spot zoning is defined as the reclassifying of one or more tracts of land and the sole purpose is to serve the private interest of one or more landowners instead of furthering the welfare of the entire community.  Mr. Mattson said this rezoning package comes with $535,000 worth of proffers.  Mr. Mattson said in addition to the $535,000, upon build out of the project, there is a possible additional $280,000 per year in taxable revenue.  Mr. Mattson said this development would benefit the entire County.  

Mr. Mattson said the Comprehensive Plan currently refers to this area as very low density, which, by the County's definition, refers to single-family homes at a density of less than one dwelling unit per acre. Mr. Mattson said an average of 2.5-acre lots with a minimum of two acres has been proffered.

Mr. Mattson said another big concern has been if the Board rezones this particular piece then it will open the floodgates for more development to come in.  Mr. Mattson said these particular proffers have been added to not make this submission the average R-1 submittal.  Mr. Mattson asked the Board to consider rezonings on a case-by-case issue and to realize that this is not a typical R-1 submittal.  

Mr. Barnes said he has a serious problem with landowners rights for the fact that the Wickham family has had this property for years and has worked hard to pay taxes on this land.  Mr. Barnes said the owner wants to take this investment to utilize and provide for her, as she gets older.  Mr. Barnes said this is an example of a good developer, giving good proffers, a good design and a good project.  

Mr. Purcell said he thinks the Comprehensive plan needs to be interpreted as the guide that it is specified as in the Code and that it doesnt bind the Board to approve any development. Mr. Purcell said he agrees with Mr. Barnes and in this instance, he has a hard time penalizing the owners.  

Mr. Wright said he considers this rezoning as spot zoning.  Mr. Wright said good proffers are included for the development, but proffers are voluntary and cannot be required for anyone else that submits an R-1 zoning.  Mr. Wright said this development would be a burden to the highway.  Mr. Wright stated a number of people have had objections to the development. Mr. Wright said this rezoning would open the door to a flood of request and it is difficult to turn down one after another is approved.  

Mr. Harper stated this is not a typical R-1 rezoning request.  Mr. Harper said this is a very attractive program and deserves some recognition.  Mr. Harper said he thinks the Board has the right to use some discretion from time to time.  

Mr. Wright stated he would like to make the motion to deny the request for conditional rezoning of five parcels containing approximately 279.73 acres from Agricultural (A-2) to Residential Limited (R-1).  Mr. Gentry seconded the motion. Mr. Harper requested a roll call vote.

Eric F. Purcell No
Jack T. Wright Yes
Fitzgerald A. Barnes No
Willie L. Gentry, Jr. Yes
Willie L. Harper No
Richad A. Havasy Yes
Allen B. Jennings Yes

With the votes reflecting 4-3, the Board denied a resolution for the request for conditional rezoning of five parcels containing approximately 279.73 acres from Agricultural (A-2) to Residential Limited (R-1).

The Virginia Department of Transportation and the Board of Supervisors, in accordance with Section 33.1-70.01 of the Code of Virginia, will conduct a joint public hearing to receive public comment on the proposed Secondary Six-Year Plan for Fiscal Year 2007/08 through 2012/13 in Louisa County and on the Secondary System Construction Budget for Fiscal Year 2007/08. Copies of the proposed Plan and Budget may be reviewed at the Louisa Residency of the Virginia Department of Transportation, located at 3709 Davis Highway.  All projects in the Secondary Six-Year Plan that are eligible for federal funds will be included in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which documents how Virginia will obligate federal transportation funds.

Mr. Glass stated he hopes the Board has had an opportunity to review the plan.  Mr. Glass said he would like to recommend two changes to the plan for Horseshoe Farm Road (Route 714) and Henson Road (Route 763).  Mr. Glass said they were originally put in the plan as widening projects, but it will be difficult to obtain the right-of-way so he suggest changing them to rural rustic projects, where obtaining a right of way will not be an issue.

On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution requesting Horseshoe Farm Road, Route 714, to be designated as a rural rustic road.

        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution requesting Henson Road, Route 763, to be designated as a rural rustic road.

Mr. Barnes said behind education, road concerns are the number one thing that is presented to elected officials.  Mr. Barnes said people need to understand the amount of money received from the State for secondary roads is limited.    

Mr. Gentry stated it has been in the news to find a formula for roads since the General Assembly started and it seems to be a lot more money in the system and questioned if that is affecting the secondary roads.  Mr. Glass stated the budget for secondary roads has changed three times since January.  

Mr. Wright stated he would like to add
Harts Mill Road, Route 647, to the six-year plan to be designated as a rural rustic road.

On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution requesting Harts Mill Road, Route 647, to be designated as a rural rustic road.

Mr. Purcell questioned if primary roads are covered locally.  Mr. Glass said primary roads are handled out of Richmond and they are having public hearings around the state and he would let the Board know of the public hearings for primary roads.  

        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution approving the six-year plan for secondary road system construction.


VDOT Monthly Update - Jamie Glass, Resident Administrator, provided an update of VDOT activities, which included the following:


Construction: Land Use: Traffic Engineering:

Mr. Glass questioned if the Board would be interested in seeing a presentation by the Northwest Region Traffic Engineering group on how speed studies are performed.  It was consensus of the Board that the presentation would be beneficial.  


Discussion - Industrial Zoning

Mr. Coffey stated he asked for the memorandum from February 26 to be included in the Board packet concerning Industrial zoning.  Mr. Coffey said he also provided an email to the Board giving a brief update on where the Department is at from a number standpoint.  Mr. Coffey said a tentative open house was previously scheduled for June 7 at the Betty Queen Intergenerational Center.  

Mr. Coffey stated Mr. Cockrell and himself have conducted 38 meetings.  Mr. Coffey said they meet with the landowners to present different options that are available.  Mr. Coffey said there has been one owner that wanted to be zoned A-1 and there have been several that wanted to be zoned A-2.  Mr. Coffey added a lot of those landowners are located in a subdivision that is North of Virginia Vermiculite, which is an A-2 type subdivision.  Mr. Coffey said there have been two request located around Route 700 to be zoned R-2, there have been eight request to be zoned C-2, which is the most permissive zoning district in terms of development, there have been nine request to be zoned I-1 and six request to be zoned I-2.  

Mr. Coffey said I-1 is Light Industrial by right and Medium Industrial with a Conditional use Permit.  Mr. Coffey said as a part of this process, numerous commercial categories have been added in to make the I-1 district more flexible.  Mr. Coffey said I-2 is Light-Medium Industrial by right and Heavy Industrial with a Conditional use Permit.  

Mr. Coffey stated staff met with the Planning Commission and went over everything and they seemed pleased with how things were going.  Mr. Coffey added that all meetings with the landowners, except for one, have gone very well.

Mr. Harper questioned if staff has met with the 800-acre industrial zoning and what the zoning is going to be.  Mr. Coffey said yes and it is recommended to be zoned I-2.  Mr. Harper questioned what happens if landowners dont want to change their zoning.  Mr. Coffey stated he would give a recommendation to the Board but the rezoning decision is up to the Board of Supervisors.  

Mr. Havasy said he has received concerns from citizens that have purchased more than 70 acres zoned Industrial where staff has recommended that the land be zoned I-1.  Mr. Havasy stated he was glad to see that a clause is included requesting an agreement by the landowners and the County for a rezoning.  Mr. Havasy said if Virginia Vermiculite ever had to move the processing plant and everything was zoned A-1, the entire process would have to be implemented again.  Mr. Havasy said he thinks they should be left Industrial.  Mr. Havasy added the Board has to be sensitive to the landowners and he would be inclined to lean that way if a landowner wanted to keep the property zoned the way it is.  

Mr. Purcell questioned if taxation was determined on the use or the zoning of the property.  Mr. Coffey said taxation is determined by the use of the property; however, the zoning plays a role in the value and the assessment.  Mr. Purcell questioned if zonings were going to continue to be changed or if this is just for Industrial.  Mr. Coffey said his opinion is that industrial should be for industrial only and not anything else.  Mr. Coffey added it is not his intent to keep changing the zonings.

Mr. Gentry suggested the uses of I-1 and I-2 get to the Board as soon as possible before the public meeting so everyone is clear on the different zonings.  

Mr. Wright said the perception of the people is that the land will be rezoned on how the County wants it regardless of what the landowners want and he hopes that isnt going to be the case.  Mr. Wright said he thinks the Board shouldnt try to dictate the zoning for the owners of the property.  


Resolution - To adopt the Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Operational Budget for the County of Louisa and the Operational Budget for the Louisa County School Board by category

Mr. Purcell said he doesnt think the assessments that were levied against the people of Louisa County are accurate and therefore, the amount of money the County is getting ready to set aside for the budget is over inflated and money the County is not entitled to.  

Mr. Gentry questioned how the real estate tax rate would be affected based on the decision made earlier to restore the funding to the Louisa County Public Schools.  Mr. McLeod suggested the Board to cut debt services to reflect that the County isnt going to borrow funds as quickly as planned.  

Mr. Harper stated the Board needs to be more proactive in the future with the development of the budget.

        On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Gentry, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution to adopt the Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Operational Budget of $74,324,336 for the County of Louisa and the Operational Budget for the Louisa County School Board by category.

Resolution - To adopt the Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Capital Budget for the County of Louisa and the Capital Budget for the Louisa County School Board by category

On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution to adopt the Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Capital Budget of $16,576,844 for the County of Louisa and the Capital Budget for the Louisa County School Board by category.

Resolution - To set the tax levy for Fiscal Year 2007-2008 for Real Estate, Tangible Personal Property, Merchants Capital, Machinery and Tools and Aircraft

        On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Havasy, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution to set the tax levy for Fiscal Year 2007-2008 for Real Estate at 62 cents, Tangible Personal Property at $1.90, Merchants Capital at 65 cents, Machinery and Tools at $1.90 and Aircraft at 48 cents.  

Resolution - To adopt the changes to the Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998

        On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Havasy, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution to adopt the changes to the Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998.


Resolution - For a supplemental appropriation to the Sheriffs Department

        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution for a supplemental appropriation to the Sheriffs Department.

Resolution - For an appropriation for funds raised on behalf of the 2007 Louisa County Heritage Festival

On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 6-0-1, with Mr. Purcell abstaining, the Board adopted a resolution for an appropriation for funds raised on behalf of the 2007 Louisa County Heritage Festival.

Resolution - For a supplemental appropriation to the Sheriffs Department for funds donated for the k-9 program

On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution for a supplemental appropriation to the Sheriffs Department for funds donated for the k-9 program.

Resolution - For an appropriation for funds donated for the creation of the Piedmont Crossroads Visitors Center

On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution for an appropriation for funds donated for the creation of the Piedmont Crossroads Visitors Center.

Resolution - Requesting VDOT to conduct a traffic count on State Route 711 off State Route 604 in Louisa County

On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution requesting VDOT to conduct a traffic count on State Route 711 off State Route 604 in Louisa County.

Resolution - Declaring May 19-25, 2007 as safe boating week in Louisa County

        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution declaring May 19-25, 2007 as safe boating week in Louisa County.


On motion of Mr. Havasy, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board voted to recess for 30 minutes at 7:44 p.m.


On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Harper, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board voted to reconvene the meeting at 8:11 p.m.

Discussion - Set dates for Board of Supervisors meetings in July and August 2007

On motion of Mr. Harper, seconded by Mr. Havasy, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board voted to only meet once in July and August, with the meetings on Monday, July 2 and Monday, August 6.  

Discussion - Tax relief of the elderly and disabled

Mr. Barnes said he thinks the tax relief should be set at an income of $40,000 because he knows there have been concerns of the Board about going to the maximum income of $50,000.  Mr. Gentry said the County is at an income of $35,000 now and suggested to set the tax relief at $40,000 and have an increment of $5,000 each year until the maximum is reached.  Mr. Wright stated the net worth is something the Board could look at as well.  Mr. Wright reminded the Board that the new rates would be effective for 2008.  

Mr. Barnes said he agreed with Mr. Gentry to set a goal of increasing the tax relief by  $5,000.  Mr. Barnes added more people are taking advantage of the program and the program is working.  Mr. Barnes stated he thought the net worth was currently at $85,000 and suggested the Board increase the rate to $100,000.  

        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Purcell, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board voted to set public hearing for the tax relief of the elderly and disabled.


Mr. Gentry stated he would like to reappoint W. C. Taylor to the Board of Road Viewers.  Mr. Wright stated he would like to reappoint Gerald Bowles to the Board of Road Viewers.  Mr. Jennings stated he received a resignation from Joe Dymacek for the Water Authority.  Mr. Gentry stated he is having a hard time filling the vacancy for the Cuckoo District on the Commission on Aging.  Mr. Purcell stated he is having a hard time filling the vacancy for the Louisa District on the Affordable Housing Committee.  

        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Purcell, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board appointed Mr. Taylor and Mr. Bowles to the Board of Road Viewers.  


Mr. Lintecum stated he received a joint resolution between the Town of Louisa and the Town of Mineral.  Mr. Lintecum said the purpose of the resolution was to make people aware and to make sure the Route 22/208 corridor is not forgotten.  Mr. Lintecum said a joint committee was formed to work with the Board of Supervisors and VDOT for a priority on improving that road.  


        On motion of Mr. Jennings, seconded by Mr. Havasy, with Mr. Gentry abstaining on a check payable to him for expense reimbursement, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted a resolution approving the bills for the first half of May 2007 for the County of Louisa in the amount of $230,400.42.


        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted the minutes of the May 7, 2007 meeting.

        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Barnes, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board adopted the minutes of the May 9, 2007 budget workshop.


On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Purcell, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board voted to adjourn the May 21, 2007 meeting at 8:23 p.m.