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MAY 14, 2008
6:00 P.M.

Board Present: Fitzgerald A. Barnes, Dan W. Byers, Willie L. Gentry, Jr., Willie L. Harper, Richard A. Havasy, P.T. Spencer, Jr. and Jack T. Wright

Others Present: C. Lee Lintecum, County Administrator; Ernie McLeod, Deputy County Administrator; Amanda Reidelbach, Office Manager, Administration; Zuwana Morgan, Deputy Clerk and Brittany Spaur, Records Clerk


Chairman Harper called the May 14, 2008 regular meeting of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 p.m.  Mr. Byers led the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Harper asked the Board for their indulgence for a moment because Mr. Spencer asked for an opportunity to address the Board.

Mr. Spencer said he was totally wrong at the May 5, 2008 Board meeting when he said Mr. Havasy youre a lair or just plain stupid.   Mr. Spencer said that it was totally wrong of him and wished to apologize to Mr. Havasy for that.  Mr. Spencer said there would be a half page article in the May 15, 2008 Central Virginian covering the situation.  Mr. Spencer said the article would specify and clarify everything that happened.  Mr. Spencer apologized to the Board, the public and especially Mr. Havasy.  Mr. Spencer said to Mr. Havasy he apologized for being that way and saying what he did.  Mr. Spencer said to Mr. Havasy he was not apologizing for what Mr. Havasy had done, that was Mr. Havasys problem to answer with, not his.  Mr. Spencer said he thought the world of Mr. Havasy and was so sorry that he came down on Mr. Havasy so hard.


Registrar Additional Worker $4,000
Mr. Harper said the Registrar request was to increase her budget from $17,500 to $21,500.  Mr. Harper said the reason behind the increase was for additional personnel in case of a large election with issues.  Mr. Harper said the idea was to avoid taking personnel out of the regular process to take care of the issues.

Mr. Gentry said based on the explanation of the additional personnel he thought this was the way to go and would like to make a motion to accept the request.

Mr. Spencer said he just wanted to point out that the difference was a small amount.  Mr. Spencer said the issue was being pushed about having photo IDs to vote and the county could expect to get hit even harder next year in this area.  Mr. Spencer said he supported the motion 100 percent.

Mr. Byers said he had spoke with the Registrar and he understood that this request was for this election only.  Mr. Byers said additional personnel were for the projected increase because this would be a Presidential election.

Mr. McLeod said the actual cost would be $4,306 with social security.

Mr. Byers asked if the money would be reimbursed through the State.  Ms. Cris Watkins, General Registrar said no it was not.

Ms. Watkins said for the Presidential primary election the county would be getting over $22,000 back by June 30
th.  Ms. Watkins said the county paid for general elections.

        On motion of Mr. Gentry, seconded by Mr. Wright, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board voted to approve the request of the Registrar for the additional 4,306, for additional election personnel.

Landfill Disposal costs of wastewater $4,000

Mr. Harper said DEQ was requiring the leachate application that was used for dust control to be haul to a wastewater treatment plant.

On motion of Mr. Wright, seconded by Mr. Spencer, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board approved the disposal costs of $4,000 for the wastewater.

Department of Social Services Updated Budget Option 4 & 5

Mr. McLeod said when Social Services budget was submitted Mr. Oswell was not aware that the General Assembly was going to put any funds in for a COLA for local social service employees.  Mr. McLeod said Mr. Oswell was also not aware at the time that VRS would have a 16 percent increase in the employers share of retirement.  Mr. McLeod said there was a change in what the State was actually providing to the county.   Mr. McLeod said there was a slight decrease in-group life.  Mr. McLeod said Ms. Oswell the request was to move a part-time employee to fulltime for clerical staff.  

Mr. Gentry asked how much was associated with the CSA problem.  Mr. Oswell said option #4 may have a slight association because of the clerical position would be in the services unit and work with the social workers.  

Mr. McLeod said the difference between option #4 and option #5 was Mr. Oswell was asking for two social work positions in option #5.  Mr. McLeod said one position would work in the foster care unit and the other in the child protective services/foster care prevention unit.  Mr. McLeod said Mr. Oswell does believe those positions would bring a greater level of service to the foster care children and do a better job of identifying the children to moved to a less restrictive environment.  Mr. McLeod said that it would save some of the countys CSA funds.  

Mr. Wright said option #5 was about $83,000 more than option #4.  Mr. McLeod said he looking at additional local funds.  Mr. McLeod said with option #4 local funds would go up $32,899 and with option #5 local funds would go up $115,936 additional local funds.

Mr. Spencer said the increase would cost $32,899.  Mr. McLeod explained the $32,899 was for option #4 in local funds.

Mr. Spencer said if the $32,899 reflected the two percent increase approved by the General Assembly for local social services employees, why wasnt the State paying the $32,899 if they approved it.  Mr. Oswell said the State does contribute.  Mr. Spencer asked then why was the county going to pay.  Mr. Oswell said the county would pay a match.  Mr. Oswell said there was an 85(Federal/State)/15 (County) match for the two percent.

Mr. Byers said the county would pay 15 percent of the two percent.  Mr. Oswell said yes.

Mr. Spencer asked Mr. Oswell were they getting a county raise also.  Mr. Oswell said no.

Mr. Spencer asked what the total raise for the Department of Social Services was.  Mr. Oswell said two percent.  

Mr. Spencer said county employees were getting three percent.  Mr. Lintecum said no, an average of 3.5 percent.

Mr. Oswell said the General Assembly approved it for December and he was asking for it in July so the county would be kicking in a little bit of that.

Mr. Byers said he was hoping to be able to draw some relationship between when the county gives money to help improve a process and the impact it had.  Mr. Byers asked would there be an opportunity to measure and clearly delineate what benefit the county received from placing people in the two requested positions, as to how it reduced the CSA program.  Mr. Oswell said he would like to be able to do that.

Mr. Oswell said he believed he could keep CSA flat with the two extra positions from FY 08.  Mr. Oswell said that was his goal for next year.  

Mr. Oswell said CSA has 60 children right now and the program was drowning.  Mr. Oswell said the children in care right now are not getting the level of care that he would like for them to get.  Mr. Oswell said prevention worker were needed to help stop the children from coming into CSA.   Mr. Oswell said his goal was to keep CSA flat next year and hopefully the following years see it go down.

Mr. Byers asked Mr. Oswell if he would have the ability to track the progress.  Mr. Oswell said yes that was his plan.

Mr. Havasy asked what was the States average for the ratio of children to social workers.  Mr. Oswell said he would be able to give more accurate numbers this summer because a study was being done.Mr. Oswell said he believed 15 to 1 was more than it should be, but he certainly would shoot for that.  

Mr. Havasy asked Mr. Oswell what he would consider an optimal ratio.  Mr. Oswell said in the 10/1 or 12/1 range would be good.  

Mr. Oswell said the two positions he was asking for would only get an 11 percent match.

Mr. Spencer said he told Mr. Oswell if he thought more social workers would help get the children home then he would support him.  Mr. Spencer said CSA has had a 21 percent increase.  Mr. Spencer asked was the $115,936 what it would going to cost.  Mr. Spencer asked Mr. Oswell was he confident enough that he would be able to save the county some of that money.  Mr. Spencer asked Mr. Oswell if he would be willing to take half of the $115,936 out of the 21 percent increase.

Mr. McLeod asked Mr. Oswell when he talked about going flat was talking about the $1.8 million or the $1.4 million budget.  Mr. Oswell said he could not bring the budget down $400,000.

Mr. McLeod explained the budget submittal for Social Services in December was for $1.4 million and it would not be enough for what Mr. Oswell believed would be needed for CSA.  Mr. McLeod said CSA would need another $400,000 for FY 09.  

Mr. Spencer asked Mr. Oswell again if he could split the $115,936 with the county.  Mr. Oswell said he needed the local dollars to drive his agency.  

Spencer asked Mr. Oswell if he was telling the Board if he got the two new positions he would get a handle on the situation and would not come back to the Board asking for more money.  Mr. Oswell said yes that was his plan.  

Mr. Wright said one of the things driving the price up was the age of the children coming into the program.  Mr. Wright said the younger children cost less then the older children.  Mr. Wright said Louisas CSA was getting more teenagers then the State average.

Mr. Byers said at the last meeting the Board spoke about VACo working collectively at the State level trying pull resources.  Mr. Byers asked what impact would that have.

Mr. Oswell said unless VACo and VML could convince the members of the General Assembly that additional funds are necessary, he wasnt sure what impact it would have.  

Mr. Byers asked would VACo and VML have any impact on who was in the groups that did the assessments.  Mr. Oswell said no, however VACo and VML did lobby and they do educate members of the General Assembly.  Mr. Oswell said unfortunately the State has been shifting cost.

Mr. Gentry said VACo was really getting involved in studies on CSA.  Mr. Gentry said hopefully the studies would reflect the need and more money from the state would be given.  

Mr. Harper asked what agency was in control of CSA.  Mr. Oswell said the Office of Comprehensive Services.

Mr. Oswell said the code said each locality establishes the CPMT and the FAPT.

Mr. Harper asked who was CPMT and FAPT created by.  Mr. Oswell said the General Assembly.  Mr. Harper said then the General Assembly could de-create them.  Mr. Oswell said yes they could.

Mr. Spencer said he believed CSA came from the Federal Comprehensive Services Act.  Mr. Oswell said no it came from the State.

Mr. Harper said if VACo and VML wanted to do studies about CSA they needed to go to the head of it.  Mr. Harper said if CSA was going to continue to exist they were going to have to make some changes in the program.

Mr. Harper said the prison measures how many children come out and amount to something.  Mr. Harper asked Mr. Oswell if CSA measured or knew what happen with the children once they left the program.  Mr. Oswell said they probably could but they did not keep track at this time.

Mr. Wright asked Mr. Oswell if he could live with option #4.  Mr. Oswell said if the Board approved #4 he wouldnt have a choice but he definitely could not keep it flat like he told Mr. Spencer.

Mr. Gentry said he was really concerned and the problem needed to be stopped at the base.  Mr. Gentry said he heard of a project where senior citizens were involved with helping at risk youth.  Mr. Gentry said the number of children was getting out of control and some how the county needed to get a handle on it.

Mr. McLeod said the county has gone from under $500,000 to over $1.8 million in just a few years.

Mr. Oswell said a man that went out to install cable at a home and came to Social Services to complain about what he saw and told them something had to be done.  Mr. Oswell said when Social Services went to the home and the children had to be removed.  

Mr. Havasy said having the two extra case workers would help give the children what they need.  Mr. Havasy said Mr. Oswell had also indicted that he would keep the budget flat.  

Mr. Harper said he does expect to see some measure back next year on what effect the county had by putting the money out there.  

On motion of Mr. Wright, seconded Mr. Havasy, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board approved the option five-budget update for the Department of Social Services.

Local Aid to the State - $127,606

Mr. McLeod said this was the aid to locality reduction.  Mr. McLeod said there were three options; cut one program, cut a revenue source or write a check to the State in January.  Mr. McLeod said he would advise the county to write the check.  

Mr. Spencer asked if the check would be for $127,606.  Mr. McLeod said yes.

Mr. McLeod said the county would be required to increase revenue and offset it by increasing the funds in the non-departmental budget.  Mr. McLeod said the check would be cut from revenue.

Mr. McLeod said everyones revenue from the Compensation Board has already been “cut” because we did not increase it.  

Mr. Lintecum said VACo was advising to cut the check.  Mr. Harper said he did not have a problem with that but could the Board still come back and cut back some of the budgets.  

Mr. Spencer said he agreed with Mr. Harper.  Mr. Spencer said take money directly out of those budgets.  

Mr. McLeod said the list was preliminary and it could change by July or August.

Mr. Gentry said he agreed with Mr. Harper and Mr. Spencer.  Mr. Gentry said the two largest were the Sheriffs Office and CSA.  Mr. Gentry said the others didnt seem to matter much.          

Mr. Lintecum said he believed everything was relative.  Mr. Lintecum said when you look at the Sheriffs and CSAs total budget the percentage was small and the others were not that significant.  

On motion of Mr. Spencer, seconded by Mr. Havasy, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board approved going with option #3, to cut the State a check and instructed Mr. McLeod to recover the $127,606 from individual budgets.

Mr. McLeod said he was going to have to raise the revenue, do the offset to the non-departmental budget and then make the changes the Board spoke of.

Workers Compensation - $45,120=> Total $170,120 or 79% increase

Mr. McLeod said the county has been trying to get the funds lowered from the $170,120, but the county did not have a choice in the amount.  Mr. McLeod said some employees had been labeled one way and workers compensation has asked for them to be changed to a higher value.

Mr. Byers asked was the county getting more workers compensation claims.  Mr. McLeod said the county doesnt get lot.  

Mr. Wright asked was this the same program the county had been under.  Mr. McLeod said yes they were under VACo.  

On motion of Mr. Wright, seconded by Mr. Spencer, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board approved the increase for workers compensation.


Responses of counties to VAGPs question of fuel conservation

Mr. McLeod said Mr. Wright had asked some questions concerning the impact of gasoline

Mr. McLeod said the Schools have tried to reduce their cost by changing from premium unleaded to regular unleaded.  

Mr. Wright said he brought up gasoline because several years ago the Board was involved in the biding for the gasoline.

Mr. Harper said they would put the bid out on the rack cost.  Mr. Harper said he didnt know what they did now.  

Mr. McLeod said its charged at the OPUS market rate, plus a fixed fee of profit and delivery.  Mr. McLeod said on May 7
th gasoline was $3.185 per gallon and $3.698 for diesel.

Mr. Harper asked how much was state and federal tax on gasoline.  Mr. McLeod said he thought it was about .45 or .50 cents.

Mr. Harper asked Mr. McLeod to ask the Schools to give the Board a run down on how the bid for gasoline goes out.

Mr. Spencer asked wasnt the county tax-exempt.  Mr. Lintecum said yes.  Mr. Spencer said then why was the county paying $3.69.  Mr. McLeod said the county was paying $3.185 and the $3.69 was for diesel.  

Mr. Spencer asked Mr. Harper to work with Mr. McLeod on the gasoline bids

Mr. Gentry said there were 16 people going home.  Mr. Gentry said he would like to think they are justified.  Mr. Gentry said he thought the Board needed to go through the process of reviewing everyone of those.  Mr. Gentry said he thought this would an issue the Board would hear more and more about, not only at the school but with county vehicles also.  

Mr. McLeod said there was a survey done and one county made the suggestion of checking to see if bus drivers going home was still justifiable.          

Mr. Wright said he has seen more and more small cars being used as county vehicles.  Mr. Wright said he believed each position should be looked at to see if they could be driving a smaller car.   Mr. Wright said he would like to see a review done by the Administration that would assign a certain size car to each position.

Mr. Harper asked Mr. Lintecum to work with the Superintendent of Schools in getting a sticker that says schools division.  Mr. Harper said that way the vehicles could be identified properly.

Mr. Spencer said with the rescue squads having to stay running to keep the drug boxes cool there should be a plug-in station outside of the EMS office at the county building, that ambulances could connect to, oppose to burning gas.  

Mr. Spencer said there was a contract done with EMSAL stating the Medics would be inside the squad building when they not on call, not at the Mineral restaurant with the ambulance running.  Mr. Spencer said he was not hammering the rescue people however gas cost $3.69 per gallon.  Mr. McLeod said the Board might want to consider
writing a letter to all the agencies to suggest plugging everything in because of the cost of gas.

Mr. Wright said Charlottesville was following a law from North Carolina that says if you are driving a commercial vehicle and its stopped and its running more that five minutes, you would be fined of $500. Mr. Wright said he believes the rescue unit may be little bit different.  

Mr. Byers said the county needed a policy.  

Mr. McLeod said that the Facilities Director had spoken with the building inspectors and they agreed to reduce the size of the trucks from a full size vehicle down to mid size.  


Discussion Playground at Moss Nuckols Elementary School

*Mr. Barnes arrived at 6:53 p.m.

Mr. Barnes said one of the things he thought the Board could do was whatever the county put towards the playground and fields subtract the $180,000 and allow the school to come up with it in their budget.
Mr. Barnes said the amount could be split between this year and next years budget.Mr. Barnes said if they were going to start construction in August of this year, it would be wise to start the grading and seeding those fields.  Mr. Barnes said then in the next years budget the equipment could be put in.  Mr. Barnes said most school systems did the fields prior to opening up the school.  Mr. Barnes said he would like to see the Board put a line item in the budget for the irrigation and seeding of the fields.

Mr. Havasy said he spoke with Hal Schaffer and he said the agreement the School Board came up with was that Halsey Green would write a check to the county for $180,000 to hold for the playground and fields.  Mr. Havasy said Mr. Schaffer also said the architect and/or the contractor would be doing a lot of the grading.

Mr. Gentry said the playground and field were on the agenda at the last School Board meeting and they took it off, and that made him uncomfortable.  Mr. Gentry said Mr. Schaffer had not spoke with the other School Board members about this.  Mr. Gentry said the 180,000 was never broke down.  

Mr. Barnes said when the discussion of the new Elementary School came up the fields were never discussed.  Mr. Barnes said the Board had said all schools would have the same amenities.  Mr. Barnes said he was talking about equality, the children at this new Elementary School should have the same thing that the other schools have.  

Mr. McLeod said the Facilities estimate for the playground and fields would be $630,889.98.  Mr. McLeod said that included a softball field, soccer field, outside basketball court, mulched play areas, walking path, seeding and landscaping.

Mr. Barnes said he was not in support of the outside basketball courts because the other schools did not have those; they could be replaced with tennis courts like the other schools.  

Mr. Barnes said if the Board would consider subtracting the $180,000 it would be $420,000 to be split between FY 09 and FY 10.

Mr. Harper asked were the fields lighted.  Mr. McLeod said no.

Mr. Havasy said that most of the expensive would be seeding and landscaping.  

Mr. Havasy said Mr. Schaffer had indicted because of cost saving the contractor was going to do a lot of work that was not expected.  

Mr. Havasy said he would like to instruct Mr. Lintecum to find out how much work was going to be done by the contractor because he did not want to double pay.  Mr. Havasy the county had already given $180,000 that disappeared.  Mr. Havasy said according to Mr. Green it was somewhere.  

Mr. Gentry said he just wanted to remind the Board they stated there would limited construction of the outside athlete facilities when it first started.

Mr. Barnes said anything put in the CIP would not be released before coming back to the Board.  Mr. Barnes said he would ask that the Board put $210,000 in the CIP and it would come back to the Board before its allocated.

Mr. Gentry said he didnt have a real good feel for the $420,000.  Mr. Gentry said if that was what needed to be done to match the other schools he would say lets go however he wasnt quite sure about it.

Mr. Barnes said the county has the budget for it.  Mr. Barnes said it was better to budget for and not use it, then for the Schools to come back for a supplemental appropriation.  Mr. Barnes said you could always put it back in the general fund if its not used.

Mr. Byers said he thought the School Board already had the sufficient money in their budget with the 6.9 percent increase they received.  

Mr. Harper said if the Board puts the money in the CIP the Board would be reminded that it was either implied or promised.

Mr. Spencer said he was definitely voting against it.  Mr. Spencer said the $180,000 was given and now its gone.  Mr. Spencer said to put $210,000 in the CIP and believe the Schools would give the county a check for $180,000 would be naïve.  Mr. Spencer said he could not see why the county should be responsible for seeding the fields that should be the Schools responsibility.

Mr. Barnes asked Mr. Harper when it was time to vote to please ask for a roll call vote.  Mr. Barnes said he was going to make this an issue.  Mr. Barnes said when the county talked about building the school no one said anything about playground equipment or fields.  Mr. Barnes said never was one word said about playground equipment or fields being included in the cost.  Mr. Barnes said the discussion was always about the cost of the school itself.  Mr. Barnes said Parks and Recreation had always done a lot of the work because the public would use facilities.   Mr. Barnes said he wanted there to be a roll call vote to show the Board was not going to provide playground equipment to the children at the new school.

Mr. Harper said he has no problem with elementary playground equipment but that wasnt $600,000.  

Mr. Gentry said he would support it because the county was obligated for some of the work.  Mr. Gentry said he still wasnt sure about the $210,000

Mr. Barnes said he used the $210,000 because the county engineer said $600,000 and that was a lot less.  Mr. Barnes said what ever the amount money needed to be appropriated.  

Mr. Barnes said he would like to make a motion to allocate $210,000 in the CIP budget for FY 09 and $210,000 for FY 10 for playground equipment and fields for the Moss-Nuckols Elementary School; the money is not to be spent without authorization from the Board. Mr. Havasy seconded the motion.  Mr. Harper requested a roll call.

Jack T. Wright Yes
Fitzgerald A. Barnes Yes
Dan W. Byers No
Willie L. Gentry, Jr. Yes
Willie L. Harper No
Richad A. Havasy Yes
P.T. Spencer, Jr. No

With the votes reflecting 4-3, the motion passed to allocate $210,000 in the CIP budget for FY 09 and $210,000 for FY 10 for playground equipment and fields for the Moss-Nuckols Elementary School; the money is not to be spent without authorization from the Board.

Discussion Operational & Maintenance Budget

Mr. McLeod said from that evenings previous decisions the countys budget had gone up by $363,281.

Mr. Harper asked how did he get up to $363,281.  Mr. McLeod said that was the total.

Mr. McLeod said Social Services was $3.1 million and was now $3.4 million.  

Mr. Barnes said the Board needed to move forward with the School Board to look at staffing formulas to help with the budget.

Mr. Havasy said the County Agencies budget increased 15.8 percent. Mr. Havasy asked how did it give there.

Mr. McLeod said largest part of the 15 percent was $3.6 million and $1.7 million was the Sheriffs Department.  Mr. McLeod said Non-Departmental was $340,000, new debt for the Schools and some wastewater plants are $370,000.

Mr. Havasy asked Mr. McLeod to just give him the countys increases not the Constitutional Officers.

Mr. McLeod said overall the county did not go up.  Mr. Lintecum said only for Emergency Services, which was approved by the Board prior to the budget.

Mr. Barnes said the Board asked as soon as Revenue Recovery started that there be a line item for that.  Mr. McLeod said Ms. Jacobs would be coming to the June 16, 2008 Board meeting to give the Board a simple report.

Mr. Byers said he did a study and since 2001 the population had grown 21 percent, schools had grown eight percent and the budget had grown 100 percent.  Mr. Byers said something wasnt right.

Mr. Harper said the local monies for Schools hadnt increased that much.

Discussion Capital Improvement Plan Projects

Mr. Gentry said he would like it to be known to the public where the increases where made.

Mr. Barnes said the Board needed to look at putting water in Gum Springs.

Mr. Gentry asked what was the status of the review of the whole county for reservoirs.

Mr. McLeod said he sent an email out and its supposed to come before the Board in October.  Mr. Gentry asked why did it take so long.  Mr. McLeod said they were trying getting a grant for the study, which took six month and was not received.  

Mr. Lintecum said he meet with the engineer and he told him it was time to move forward as fast as possible.

Mr. Spencer asked was the money taken out of the CIP for the Fire Training Center.  Mr. McLeod said yes, all of the funds were removed.

Mr. Byers said he didnt feel like he had sufficient information to make informed decisions prior to coming to the budget workshops.  Mr. Byers said he hoped going forward the Board would get good information to make good decisions.

Mr. Harper said he agreed


On motion of Mr. Wright, seconded by Mr. Spencer, which carried by a vote of 7-0, the Board voted to adjourn the May 14, 2008 meeting at 7:20 p.m.