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APRIL 11, 2007
6:00 P.M.

Board Present: Fitzgerald A. Barnes, Willie L. Gentry, Jr., Willie L. Harper, Allen B. Jennings, and Jack T. Wright
Board Absent: Eric F. Purcell and Richard A. Havasy
Others Present: C. Lee Lintecum, County Administrator; Ernie McLeod, Deputy County Administrator; Amanda Lloyd, Office Manager and April Jacobs, Deputy Clerk


Chairman Wright called the April 11, 2007 meeting of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 p.m.  Mr. Jennings led the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mr. Wright questioned if the Board had any questions on the handout provided of the questions and answers from the March 28, 2007 meeting.  

Mr. Barnes stated that Mr. Purcell questioned how many deputies are specifically assigned to travel only growth areas.  Mr. McLeod stated a memo from the Sheriffs Department is attached in the handout stating the Sheriff is not able to do so at this time.  Mr. Barnes questioned why it is not able to be done.  Mr. Wright stated the County has nine growth areas and it is impossible for one deputy to cover nine growth areas.  Mr. Barnes stated Mr. Purcell didnt mean one deputy assigned to cover all growth areas.  Mr. Wright stated all road deputies couldnt be assigned to only growth areas.  Mr. Wright added the only way to assign deputies to growth areas would be to double the staff.  

Mr. Jennings stated at the last meeting it was questioned if the Community Development Department needed to increase their staff and questioned if activity is picking up within the department.  Mr. Lintecum said the activity is changing, whereas residential is slowing down, but commercial is picking up.  Mr. McLeod stated there is a chart included in the handout comparing revenue to expenditures for the Department.  Mr. McLeod added if three additional employees were hired and fees were increased, the chart shows the projections for FY 08 would be that revenue would be higher than expenditures.  Mr. Wright said reviewing commercial plans take four times more time than residential applications.  Mr. Harper said the chart is assuming that numbers are correct on how many applications will be received and how many permits will be issued.  Mr. McLeod said yes, the rates are anticipated.  Mr. Wright said the County cannot afford to promote expanding commercial and industrial growth because the Department doesnt have enough staff to complete inspections, E & S work or other things that are needed in order to move the projects along.  Mr. Wright said the report given by the Community Development Department should be looked at to evaluate what the growth is.  Mr. Wright added the report is provided monthly.  

Mr. Barnes stated he questioned what the State code was in regards to the number of deputies in the Courts.  Mr. Harper said absent any statute that sets that number, he thinks the Board can tell the Sheriff how many deputies are allowed in the Courts for security.  Mr. Barnes said he wants to make sure that additional deputies are hired as ground troops to patrol the County.  Mr. Wright said the Sheriff stated the number of deputies determined for Court security is between the Sheriff and the Judge.  Mr. Wright said he would like a specific answer.  Mr. Barnes said citizens expect to see deputies patrolling and to have that security.  Mr. Barnes said he would like to see five deputies as the minimum number of deputies for each patrol shift.  Mr. Gentry stated the Department needs to tell the Board what they need.  Mr. Gentry said the Department should know if they need additional staffing because they have to know if there are any calls that they arent making and if they are covering the County.  Mr. Gentry added more deputies are needed on the road for the citizens service.  


Mr. Barnes said at the joint budget workshop with the School Board, the Schools said they made a call for an ambulance and none came.  Mr. Barnes added something isnt getting done if no one could respond.  Mr. Barnes said the handout says both crews were on calls and questioned if this is frequently happening.  Mr. Barnes questioned if the fire and rescue departments are short staffed.  Mr. Gentry said fire, safety and rescue needs to be covered for the County at all times.  Mr. Gentry added the public expects for those services to be covered.  Mr. Lintecum said he would get the Board a report on staffing needs for the fire and rescue departments.  Mr. Harper questioned what is considered legitimate input to substantiate that.  Mr. Harper said at least three fire departments have asked for help, which has been unable to be addressed.  Mr. Gentry said he thinks only the departments that have asked for help should be helped.  Mr. Harper said he thinks if help is not asked for then it isnt needed.  Mr. Harper said rationalizing everything is blocking the whole process from going forward.  Mr. Harper said all boundary lines for the departments need to be taken away for what will work best for the citizens of Louisa County.  

Mr. Harper said during the EMSAL meeting when studies were talked about being done, the suggestion was made for fire services and Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) to complete the studies.  Mr. Harper said the statement was made that the Departments will be shut down if OEMS is used.  Mr. Harper stated he thinks the fire and rescue departments should have to explain why OEMS would shut them down if they were called in to do a study.  Mr. Wright questioned if Mr. Lintecum could arrange for someone to give the answer to that question to the Board.  

Mr. Barnes said the at last work session, he said he wanted to see the Revenue Recovery Committee work, meet and discuss before moving forward with the program, but he is at the point now where he is going to support paid fire and rescue when the revenue recovery program is put in place.  Mr. Barnes stated when citizens call 911, they expect someone to show.  Mr. Barnes added the taxpayers expect to have safety service available.  Mr. Wright questioned if Mr. Barnes wanted to go to an entirely paid staff.  Mr. Barnes said no, volunteers and paid staff need to be integrated together.  Mr. Barnes added volunteers will always be needed but the County needs to add paid staff.   Mr. Gentry said every unit needs to be asked what they need to get the job done and if additional staff is needed, then it needs to be given.  

Mr. Gentry said most counties that go to paid fireman say it is tough initially because the volunteers get upset, but after that, it works great.  Mr. Wright said he suggested about six months ago to hire an outside consultant who has experience with getting paid staff and volunteers to work together but he didnt get any support.  Mr. Harper said the Fire Association has someone coming to talk to them about this program.  Mr. Harper added all that is being done is asking for validation of the obvious.  Mr. Gentry questioned if the Fire Chief doesnt know what the needs are, then how is a consultant going to work.


Recommendation for Capital Improvement Plan

Mr. McLeod said the Information Systems Department has requested to replace the AS/400 system.  Mr. McLeod said the total cost of $80,000 is for the hardware, the software and the software agreement.  Mr. Wright questioned when the system was installed.  Mr. McLeod said it was installed in December 2000.  Mr. Harper questioned what the system would be replaced with.  Mr. McLeod said another AS/400.  
Mr. McLeod said the Board tentatively approved the vehicle replacements for the Sheriffs Department.  Mr. McLeod stated the Department is also requesting to replace PSAP, which is the 911 switch.  Mr. McLeod stated that is a $238,000 piece of equipment and there is a $150,000 grant that was received.  Mr. McLeod said a match of $88,000 needs to be approved to go along with the grant.  

Mr. McLeod said Emergency Services is requesting a centralized ambulance for the volunteers.  Mr. McLeod said it was not recommended and he is not sure what revenue recovery will bring, but it could bring a change to the budget for the ambulance and the building and equipment needed.  Mr. McLeod said money is still being collected for the fire-training center.  Mr. McLeod said help is needed from Emergency Services to collect data in order to write a grant to help with the fire training center.  

Mr. McLeod said the new vehicle for the Training Coordinator is included in replacement of County vehicles, which is included under the budget for Facilities Management.  

Mr. McLeod said the new repeater for the East end tower was not recommended but may need to be reviewed because it might be needed for the radio system.  Mr. McLeod said the second radio channel for the Sheriffs Department for $170,000 was not recommended for the budget because a radio system doesnt need to be patched if a new system is going to be proposed.  Mr. McLeod stated Emergency Services has estimated a new radio system to cost about $9 million.  Mr. McLeod said Bob Hardy, director of Information Technology, doesnt think a new system will cost that much.  Mr. McLeod stated the new radio system was not reviewed or recommended.  Mr. Wright questioned whom the radio system would come from.  Mr. McLeod stated he doesnt know but there arent a lot of companies involved.  Mr. McLeod stated he feels comfortable that Mr. Hardy will make sure the Department will get what is needed.  

Mr. Gentry questioned if the PSAP program would be needed if the County didnt have Dominion.  Mr. McLeod said the program is needed, but it may be needed more so since Dominion is here.  

Mr. Gentry questioned if equipment is tracked for what the County owns for the Fire Association and EMSAL.  Mr. McLeod said equipment is not tracked for what EMSAL owns.  Mr. Wright said the County should have a master list showing every piece of equipment the County has paid for.  Mr. Gentry questioned if audits give that information.  Mr. McLeod said the audits of Emergency Services will tell how much money is in reserves and what has been bought, but it wont give a history of what equipment they currently have.  Mr. Wright questioned if Mr. McLeod could ask if Emergency Services / EMSAL has an inventory list of all county owned equipment.  

Mr. McLeod said a new fire and EMS station wasnt included in the CIP for this year.  Mr. McLeod stated the station was put into the budget for FY 10 for $2.5 million.  Mr. McLeod said he hasnt heard enough justification as to why another station is needed.  Mr. Lintecum said before building a new fire and EMS station, a new public safety building would be considered.

Mr. McLeod said Facilities Management has not spent the animal pound matching grant for FY 07.  Mr. McLeod said the idea was to keep it at the $20,000 level so nothing was recommended for FY 08.  

Mr. McLeod said the additional refuse sites have been pushed out of the budget because there isnt a site for it.  Mr. Lintecum stated Mr. Wright and Mr. Linhares were going to look for a site.  Mr. Gentry said an additional refuse site is needed around the Lake and questioned if the additional site is particularly for the Mountain Road District.  Mr. McLeod said there is already $200,000 in the account for a refuse site for this year and an additional $250,000 would be added in FY 09 for additional refuse sites needed.  Mr. McLeod stated if sites were found and additional sites were needed this year, then more money would be added to the account.  Mr. Gentry said at least one site has been doubled up on last year and questioned what is the potential of other sites being doubled up.  Mr. Gentry said there would be more needs for refuse sites.  Mr. Gentry said he thinks big developments should be proffering land for recycling centers.  

Mr. McLeod stated Facilities has money for the replacement of five County vehicles.  Mr. McLeod said one vehicle would be for the Training Coordinator.  Mr. Harper questioned how it is determined whether SUVs or cars are needed.  Mr. McLeod stated some Departments need four-wheel drive.  Mr. McLeod stated the Departments have been buying the smaller, used SUVs that are better on gas.  All of the decisions are made by the Facilities Director prior to purchase. Mr. Barnes said in some cases the Department would be better off to buy an ATV.  Mr. Barnes added buying an ATV would also be a lot cheaper.  Mr. Barnes questioned if Mr. McLeod could look into a cost comparison of buying pickup trucks and ATVs versus four-wheel drive vehicles.

Mr. McLeod stated Facilities Management has also included emergency back-up power in the budget.  Mr. Harper questioned if the water and sewer plant has received their generators.  Mr. McLeod said no because they ran out of money and were waiting for the next budget year so this years budget is for the water and sewer plant.

Mr. McLeod stated the County Administrator recommended $60,000 for the foster care facility, which is the Bunting home.  Mr. Wright stated the County receives money back if the facility is used for foster care.  Mr. Harper questioned if Social Services will be asking for additional staff.  Mr. Wright said it would be handled by outside agencies.  

Mr. McLeod stated additional parking is needed at the Administration Building.  Mr. McLeod said three parking spaces were used when the generator was put in.  Mr. McLeod said there is no parking available during work hours so citizens are having to park on the side of the road.  Mr. McLeod said the idea is to look at the whole property and decide the best way to add additional parking.  Mr. Gentry said the original plan was to extend McDonald Street through to the street entrance on Courthouse Road (route 208) and have additional parking on both sides of the extended street.  Mr. Gentry stated he doesnt understand why the project hasnt started yet.  

Mr. McLeod stated he asked Mr. Linhares to look at the property for options the County would have for additional parking.  Mr. McLeod stated in 1994, a site plan study was completed, which proposed three expansion areas proposed to be utilized as the County grows.  Mr. McLeod said expansion I was provided for two additional 19,000 square foot buildings with additional parking for 120 vehicles.  Mr. McLeod said this expansion was expected to be implemented three years after construction of the current Administration Building.  Mr. McLeod stated expansion II was provided for a 15,600 square foot building with additional parking for 52 vehicles.  Mr. McLeod added this expansion was expected to be implemented 15 years after construction of the current Administration Building.  Mr. McLeod said expansion III was provided for two additional 14,000 square foot building with additional parking for 100 vehicles.  Mr. McLeod said this expansion was expected to be implemented 25 years after construction of the current Administration Building.  Mr. McLeod said in addition, the possibility of extending McDonald Street and Ashley Street was considered in this site plan study.  

Mr. McLeod stated Mr. Linhares evaluated how best to utilize the property adjacent to the current Administration Building.  Mr. McLeod said Mr. Linhares plan is to have additional parking behind the current Administration Building in expansion I.  Mr. McLeod said Mr. Linhares recommended that the currently installed entrance off of Courthouse Road (route 208) be utilized as an emergency entrance and exit for the exclusive use of the Sheriffs Office and EMS only.  Mr. McLeod stated the plan shows for a new building to be constructed in expansion III.  Mr. McLeod noted this building would be the new Public Safety Building.  Mr. McLeod said he thinks the Sheriffs Department and Emergency Services should be moved to the bottom floor of the new building and have the two Courts and the Clerks office to be moved to the second and third floors for integrated Court systems.  Mr. McLeod noted fewer deputies would be needed for security for the Courts.  Mr. Harper questioned which two courts would be moved.  Mr. McLeod stated the Circuit Court and the General Court.  

Mr. McLeod said $3.8 million has already been put into the Courthouse and additional work is needed.  Mr. McLeod said the County can continue to put money into that building or another building can be built.  Mr. Wright said the County decided to renovate the existing Courthouse in the beginning to keep using the historical building.  

Mr. Gentry said the idea was to extend McDonald Street to the Courthouse Road (route 208) entrance and put additional parking on both sides of the extended road and he doesnt understand why the plan has been changed.  Mr. Gentry stated the concept was that the entrance would be easy access for exiting the complex and to relive traffic on Main Street.  

Mr. Barnes said he doesnt think the Board officially adopted a plan and he thinks a formal plan needs to be adopted so staff knows the direction the Board wants to take.  Mr. Gentry said there was a plan because money has been appropriated to start on the road.  Mr. Gentry said concerns with parking and the entrance way can be resolved with what has already been proposed.  Mr. Wright stated the Public Works Committee, Mr. Linhares, and Mr. Jason Pauley, County Engineer, should be involved in drawing a site plan.  Mr. Harper questioned if flow through traffic would be increased by adding an entranceway from Courthouse Road (route 208).  Mr. Barnes said he thinks people will cut through.  Mr. Wright questioned if the Board could receive a site plan back within 60 days.

Mr. McLeod stated there is need for additional parking at the Intergenerational Center and the pool.

Mr. McLeod stated Facilities Management is proposing to build a new animal shelter and $30,000 in the budget is for design and the money to build the shelter is in FY 10.  Mr. Harper said he will not support the new animal shelter in FY 10 because he doesnt think the County should spend $800,000 for a facility for dogs to spend a few days in when citizens need help building homes.  Mr. Barnes stated he understands Mr. Harpers concern, but he doesnt think it will cost $800,000 because the Humane Society is working on private sources of money to do something differently.  Mr. Gentry questioned what $30,000 was for.  Mr. McLeod said $30,000 budgeted for FY 08 was to start a design for the new shelter.  Mr. McLeod stated another option would be to fix the existing building because the roofing is thin.  Mr. Barnes said truss rafters could be bought to put a new roof on to save money.  Mr. Jennings agreed.  Mr. Gentry questioned if $847,000 is money for a replacement building.  Mr. McLeod said $847,000 is for a bigger building to get away from the existing building.  Mr. Wright stated money needs to be left into the budget for a new animal shelter just incase it is needed.    

Mr. McLeod stated there is still $16 million listed in the budget for the Moss/Nuckols Elementary School because that is the last number received from the Board.  Mr. McLeod said the Schools are requesting security systems in all schools.  Mr. Gentry questioned if the Board needed to put $8 million in the budget for next year since the construction is off a year.  Mr. Wright said the Board is at the point now where we dont know what to change the number to.  Mr. Barnes stated the Committee agreed the School would open in 2010.  Mr. McLeod said $8 million would have to be appropriated in FY 09 so that the School could open in 2010.  Mr. Gentry questioned why $8 million needs to be put in the FY 08 budget.  Mr. McLeod stated $16 million would be split between two years.  Mr. Lintecum added debt retirement is the total payoff.  Mr. Gentry questioned why the money couldnt be split for 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.  Mr. McLeod said the School needs to be finalized in the fall of 2009, which is FY 10.  

Mr. McLeod stated the Schools were requesting $72 million for a new high school but now they are requesting $90 million.  Mr. Gentry said he attended a School Board meeting about six months ago and they were talking about spending $65 million to $70 million and that hasnt been that long ago.  Mr. Barnes said he thinks the School Board should look at a vocational center to renovate classrooms and build a gym to save a lot of money.  Mr. Barnes added he would like to vocational centers to be discussed between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board.  

Mr. Wright said he doesnt see anything wrong with the budget is set up now because the money doesnt have to be spent.  Mr. Barnes said he doesnt want the Schools to keep thinking that a new high school will be built versus a renovation project.  Mr. Barnes added the mindset of the Board is planning to do needs to be projected.  

Mr. Gentry said he thinks the Schools capital projects are a big problem with the CIP in the outer years.  Mr. Gentry said the Board needs to get back to the basics when talking about the Schools because their numbers change about every six months.  Mr. Gentry added something is wrong with the planning process.  Mr. Gentry said he is concerned about having a concept for a respectable plan when numbers keep changing.  Mr. Gentry added the Board needs communication about what is going on with they way the Schools as far as numbers are concerned.  Mr. Wright said figures always fluctuate and dont agree.  Mr. Gentry questioned how the Schools CIP for the next five years can be accurate if only one year cannot be precise.  

Mr. Barnes said Henrico Countys CIP has a good explanation of additional projected Schools cost and where the new schools will be located.  Mr. Barnes added Louisas CIP needs to be done whereas more things are set in concrete.  Mr. Wright said Henrico County knows where they are willing to grow and they try to dictate where the growth is going.  Mr. Barnes said the County needs to look at potential growth and do a better job of projecting where such facilities need to go.  

Mr. McLeod stated some requests, such as replacing gym floors with wood and resurfacing the play areas, are not recommended because that is considered more of an operational maintenance.  Mr. McLeod said the funds for the renovation /replacement of Thomas Jefferson Elementary was not changed because of the recommended funds from last year.  Mr. McLeod stated the electrical systems upgrade for tech was not recommended because there is no need if Thomas Jefferson is going to be renovated.  Mr. Gentry questioned why numbers have fluctuated so much for the cost of renovating Thomas Jefferson Elementary.  Mr. Wright said cost fluctuate because of inflation.  Mr. Gentry added a lot of work and communication needs to be done between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board.  Mr. McLeod stated funds for electrical upgrades for Trevilians Elementary and Jouett Elementary was split between two years.  Mr. McLeod stated the County Administrator did not recommend funds for lighting and fencing the rear lot, resurfacing the track, or the bell/clock/PA system for the Middle School.  

Mr. Barnes stated a lot of the Community uses the track around the stadium and that is where a lot of the wear and tear comes from.  Mr. McLeod stated if the Board wants to include funds to resurface the track is fine, but he thinks it is considered operational maintenance instead of capital.  Mr. Gentry said he thinks a new surface is considered a maintenance issue.  Mr. Barnes added he thinks funds should be provided to resurface the track.

Mr. McLeod stated the Board has already approved the modular classrooms.  Mr. McLeod stated $100,000 was put into the budget for help with the HVAC units.  Mr. McLeod stated the County Administrator didnt recommend any funds for storage sheds, fire and security systems, or the service van replacement.  Mr. McLeod said the Planning Commission said the system wide technology improvements should be funded at the level of where all the grants are funded.  Mr. McLeod stated he isnt sure what that level is because $80,000, the County Administrator recommendation, is too low and $250,000, proposed FY 08 budget, is too high.  Mr. McLeod stated the Schools are requesting eight replacement buses for $450,000.  Mr. McLeod stated the Schools included the garage expansion feasibility study, which was not recommended.  Mr. McLeod added that Facilities Management was agreed to do the project in-house.  

Mr. McLeod stated refurbishing of the Schools kitchens has three more years to be completed.  Mr. Barnes questioned what is included in refurbishing the kitchens.  Mr. Halsey Green, Director of Finance for the Schools, stated a lot of the equipment is getting old.  Mr. McLeod added that these items would probably fit under the operational budget.  Mr. Gentry questioned if there was a request for a modular office complex at the transportation facility.  Mr. McLeod stated it was added in with the eight modular units.  

Mr. McLeod said Parks and Recreation has received some criticism of having funds that arent committed.  Mr. Gentry said he thinks the money has been setting in there for the referendum issue.  Mr. McLeod said Parks and Recreation will budget for parks separately instead of adding them into generic funds and that is why the skate park is separated - funding is split between two years.  

Mr. McLeod stated under Community Development there is revenue sharing matching funds for $100,000.  Mr. McLeod added this might be something the County needs to fund more of in the future because of the transportation plan.

Mr. McLeod stated the Economic Development Department requested to have $3.4 million for the James River Water Project and it was recommended since there is already $2.7 million or more in the account.  Mr. Wright questioned where that request came from.  Mr. McLeod said the Water Authority.  Mr. McLeod stated it was recommended to put $250,000 as matching funds to extend the water and sewage in Zion Crossroads.  Mr. McLeod stated $160,000 was budgeted for the well upgrades, which was a two-year project and this is second year.  Mr. Lintecum stated the Zions Business Park is moving slowly and the County is looking at the possibility of jointly owning a piece of property with Fluvanna County.  Mr. McLeod added since the project is moving slowly, they recommended to put $150,000 into the budget this year and split the money between upcoming years.  Mr. McLeod said the County Administrator recommended $3 million for this year and $1.5 million next year for the Louisa Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Mr. McLeod added the costs are split between the County and the Town of Louisa.  Mr. McLeod stated the Zion Crossroads Wastewater Expansion is budgeted for $1 million in FY 08 with the remaining balance budgeted for FY 09.  Mr. McLeod said the County Administrator recommended $150,000 for the Industrial Park in the Gum Spring area.  Mr. McLeod said the Virtual Shell Building requested $150,000 and was not recommended because this is not something that is proven to be successful.  

Mr. Gentry stated $950,000 is tied up in potential industrial parks.  Mr. Lintecum said all money is not recommended at once.  Mr. Gentry said the industrial parks have been nothing but talk and questioned if that money could be put off for a year.  Mr. Barnes said you dont know when you are in position for options.  Mr. Barnes said having money budgeted doesnt hurt for the flexibility.  Mr. Gentry said money should be budgeted for speculation, but he doesnt think it is necessary for $950,000 to be budgeted because that is a lot of money for speculation.  Mr. Wright said $950,000 is for three different areas.  Mr. Barnes said in the speculation process, the County is getting money back to help relieve the tax burden.  Mr. Barnes added the County has to be ready for anything that may become available.  Mr. Wright said this is an investment of money and it will bring back more money than what is put in.  Mr. Barnes said the County is spending this money looking to recoup tax revenue.

Review top 10 increases to Real Estate

Mr. McLeod stated he was asked to compare the top operational increases to the real estate increases.  Mr. McLeod stated at the FY 07 tax rate of sixty-four cents for real estate and public services would have brought in $2.17 million and for sixty-three cents, $1.578 million.  Mr. McLeod stated the difference is $590,000, which is equal to one penny.  Mr. McLeod said when you compare the operational changes, there is a total operational increase of $4.45 million or 7.56 pennies.  Mr. McLeod stated real estate would not bring enough money this year to do what needs to be done.  Mr. McLeod said sales tax revenue and the interest rates went up and were able to take advantage.  

Mr. Gentry stated he knows the Board has talked about tax relief for the elderly within the last year.  Mr. Gentry added the Board talked about the tax relief for income going from $35,000 to $50,000.  Mr. Barnes said the Board talked about raising the level, but never took action on it.  Mr. McLeod said the Board talked about it in 2005 to become in effect for 2006 but the Board hasnt talked about tax relief since December 2005.  

Mr. Barnes said the program is working, which leaves him to believe there is a need to examine tax relief even further.  Mr. Barnes said there has been an increase each year of disabled and elderly people taking advantage of the program.  Mr. Barnes stated he would like to see the Board raise the tax relief to at least $44,000 to help more families qualify for the program.  Mr. Jennings questioned what the County is at for net worth.  Mr. McLeod stated the County is at $85,000 for net worth.  Mr. Barnes said he is interested in increasing the income level for the elderly and disabled citizens.  Mr. Wright suggested the Board wait until after May 1 to make a decision on tax relief because that is the change date for the eligibility requirements.  Mr. Jennings stated the net worth needs to be looked at as well.  Mr. McLeod stated the net worth is exclusive of the home and ten acres.  Mr. Wright suggested the Board make upgrades to the tax relief program in June or July.

Review and recommend tax rate for public hearing on May 7, 2007

Mr. McLeod stated tax rates need to be set now in order to advertise for a public hearing on May 7.  Mr. McLeod stated another meeting could be scheduled for May 9 to review the budget and tax rates before approving them.  Mr. Wright questioned if the Board advertised the tax rates at sixty-three cents, could the rates be considered and approved for less.  Mr. McLeod stated the rates could be less than advertised, but not more.

On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Jennings, with Messrs Purcell and Havasy being absent, which carried by a vote of 5-0, the Board voted to advertise the tax levy for fiscal year 2007-2008 for real estate at sixty-three cents.  

Mr. McLeod questioned if there are any other changes the Board wants to make for the operational or capital budgets.  Mr. Gentry stated he would like to see the changes made before a motion is made.  Mr. McLeod stated nothing has been cut from the budget tonight and a handout was provided of a summary of changes to the budget.  Mr. Harper questioned how the changes made effects the budget.  Mr. McLeod said 10.88 percent is the increase for the operational budget.  

Mr. Gentry questioned when the school operational budget would be talked about more.  Mr. McLeod said the Board has already agreed for the Schools to issue teacher contracts based on the proposed teacher salaries, which was majority of the budget increase.  Mr. Gentry stated the Board did not agree to eleven new positions.  Mr. McLeod stated any changes for operational either need to be done now for advertisement purposes or it would be done after the public hearing.  Mr. McLeod this is just a recommendation for advertisement approval.  Mr. Wright stated May 9 would be an opportunity to further discuss the schools budget.  

On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Harper, with Messrs Purcell and Havasy being absent, which carried by a vote of 5-0, the Board voted to advertise the fiscal year 2007-2008 operational and capital budgets for the County of Louisa and the Louisa County School Board budget by category based on the County Administrators recommendations.  


On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Gentry, which carried by a vote of 5-0, the Board voted to adjourn the April 11, 2007 meeting at 8:09 p.m.