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MARCH 26, 2008
6:00 P.M.

Board Present: Fitzgerald A. Barnes, Dan W. Byers, Willie L. Gentry, Jr., Willie L. Harper, P.T. Spencer, Jr. and Jack T. Wright
Absent: Richard A. Havasy
Others Present: C. Lee Lintecum, County Administrator; Ernie McLeod, Deputy County Administrator; Amanda Lloyd, Office Manager, Administration; and Zuwana Morgan, Records Clerk


Chairman Harper called the March 26, 2008 meeting of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 p.m.  Mr. Barnes led the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Harper said Mr. Lintecum would like to add the James River Schedule to the agenda.  Mr. Byers said he would like to add the DEQ Request for Cutalong to the agenda.  It was consensus of the Board to adopt the agenda as amended.

James River Schedule

Mr. Lintecum said the consultants of the James River Water Project are preparing to do a presentation for the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors on April 2, 2008 and would be at the Louisa County Board of Supervisors meeting to give the same presentation on April 7, 2008.  Mr. Lintecum said next week Fluvanna County, Louisa County and Timmons would be working with the press.  Mr. Lintecum said there would be a press packet for the Board so they would be aware of what would be in the newspapers before it came out.  Mr. Lintecum said dates needed to be set for a public information meeting. Mr. Lintecum recommended Tuesday, April 22, 2008 and Thursday, April 24, 2008.   Mr. Byers asked if Fluvanna would have a the similar timeline.  Mr. Lintecum said Fluvanna was meeting on April 17, 2008 and April 22, 2008.  Mr. Lintecum said they would be meeting at the Lake Monticello Club House and Beaverdam Baptist Church.  Mr. Spencer questioned what time their meetings would be.  Mr. Lintecum said possibly between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  Mr. Lintecum stated there would be different work stations so citizens could ask questions.  After discussion, the Board decided to hold public information meetings on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 and Thursday, April 24, 2008.  

Budget Overview Lee Lintecum

Mr. Lintecum stated there would be no tax increase.  Mr. Lintecum said he recommended a three percent increase for the School Board.  

Mr. Lintecum referenced page 31 of the Operation and Maintenance Budget Book Fiscal Year 2009.  Mr. Lintecum said a project generally starts out in the capital budget; however, if you borrow money, the money that was borrowed plus the interest are included in the operational budget, which causes the project to transcend both budgets.  Mr. Lintecum said unless you are fortunate to pay cash, it becomes an operational payback line item that starts in the capital budget.  Mr. Lintecum explained that the County had the expenses of the James River project and the two sewer plants that needed to be expanded to meet the needs of the County.  Mr. Lintecum stated going forward, the County must maximize its opportunities the best it could.

Mr. Lintecum said in order to educate himself, he joined the Virginia Resource Authority Advisory Board.  Mr. Lintecum said the Advisory Board was a lending institution that helped local governments with various grants and gets pretty close to the States bond market rating.  

Mr. Lintecum stated the biggest consideration in FY 12 and FY 13 was the High School.  Mr. Lintecum said over the next year he would bring in some financial advisors to have discussions with the Board, to advise on where the money would come from and how to pay for the High School.  Mr. Lintecum said he thinks the County needs to get more studious about the capital outlays and how they are paid for.

Discussion Revenue Ernie McLeod

Mr. McLeod stated that general property tax was 52 percent of the budget and intergovernmental was 36 percent.  Mr. McLeod said in general property, the large increases were real estate, public service and personal property taxes.  Mr. McLeod stated the largest increase was real estate; however, real estate assessments had a five percent decrease in value, but the collection factor increased.  Mr. McLeod said new construction went up and the net affect of that was approximately $2.7 million, which was a 6.62 percent increase. Mr. McLeod said with the limited knowledge he had received thus far from the State, he has tried to reduce revenue where he could.

Mr. McLeod said the Board has talked about PPTRA for a couple of years.  Mr. McLeod said it has changed from a flat 70 percent program into a program that would fluctuate every year based on the value of vehicles the citizens had in the County.  Mr. McLeod stated the Commissioner of Revenue has reviewed the values and the tax relief came in at 43.21 percent.  

Mr. Wright said the percent was down quite a bit from last year.  Mr. McLeod said the tax relief value was down from 52 percent.  

Mr. McLeod stated last year, the Commissioner had calculated the percentage of tax relief based on the old law for personal property tax rate of $1.70 per $100.  Mr. McLeod said this year, the Commissioner ran it off the actual personal property tax rate of $1.90 per $100.  Mr. McLeod said last year, if a citizen tried to calculate their own rate of tax relief they would not have gotten the same value as the Commissioners Office.  Mr. McLeod said using the $1.70 rate, it would have been back to 48 percent.  

Mr. McLeod said the revenue for the landfill has not increased.  Mr. McLeod said the landfill needed to look at the tipping fees annually.  

Mr. McLeod said the Revenue Recovery Program initially had a start date of July 1, 2008, but now the potential start date is September 1, 2008.  Mr. McLeod said he has updated the revenue from that and it should be approximately $450,000.  Mr. McLeod said some of those funds would be used to pay back what was borrowed to start the program.  

Discussion Operations Ernie McLeod

Mr. McLeod stated the operational cost was $80.7 million.  Mr. McLeod said education was 63 percent of the operational cost. Mr. McLeod said public safety was 10 percent and health and welfare were 8 percent.  

Mr. McLeod said the general government administrations big increase was the new department of Revenue Recovery.  Mr. McLeod stated public safety had a big increase with $1.3 million, which was a 19.36 percent increase. Mr. McLeod stated the Regional Jail has a $100,000 increase and funds had already been put in the budget for this year.  Mr. McLeod said the FY 08 funds would be able to be carried over to next year.   Mr. McLeod said the Sheriffs Department was requesting three new road deputies, additional funds for overtime, gasoline, and other part-time labor.  Mr. McLeod said last year, the Board approved the Fire Chief position and other cost associated with that, which are also included in public safety.  

Mr. McLeod said Facilities Management was only up a small amount because of the decrease in the landfill.  Mr. McLeod said there was an additional $300,000 for renovation and repairs to the Court House.  Mr. McLeod stated the Court House had $130,000 that was already in the current budget.  Mr. McLeod said $430,000 was a major cost for renovation and repairs for the Court House.

Mr. McLeod said the Landfill Enterprise fund decreased $359,534.  Mr. McLeod said no there were no landfill closure cost included in the budget and the current funds would be carried over from FY 08 if not utilized.

Mr. McLeod said health and welfare increased $488,799, which was an 8.69 percent increase.  Mr. McLeod stated CSA had an increase of $246,600.  Mr. McLeod said Paul Oswell had come before the Board and spoken on the growth of the program.  

Mr. McLeod stated Parks and Recreation did not have a large increase.  Mr. McLeod said in FY 06, the Board of Supervisors approved $400,000 for the Louisa Arts Center with payments to be spread out over several years, with the last payment of $105,000 scheduled for FY 09. Mr. McLeod said last year, the Louisa Arts Center asked for an additional $50,000, which was also moved into FY 09.  Mr. McLeod said even though it only looked like a $50,000 increase, they also asked for an additional $400,000 that could be paid over the next few years.  Mr. McLeod said the Louisa Art Centers budget requested operational help going forward.  Mr. McLeod said it starts with $60,000 in FY 10 and goes to $66,000 the next year.  Mr. McLeod explained this was an area the Board had to decide if they wanted to commit to the additional funding.  

Mr. McLeod stated the non-department budget always has a big increase; however, those funds were moved out to other areas.  Mr. McLeod said within non-departmental are salary increases for county employees, workers compensation, unemployment compensation, continuing education and funds for a contingency.
Mr. McLeod said debt services has a 16.15 percent increase.  Mr. McLeod stated the increase was with anticipation that the County will borrow $15 million in FY 09 for Moss-Nuckols Elementary School and the Zion Crossroads Waste Water Project.

Discussion Capital Improvement Plan Ernie McLeod

Mr. McLeod said capital was a very large project of $24.7 million, which was a 49.02 percent increase.  Mr. McLeod said $10.7 million of the total were for the School system.  Mr. McLeod said 85.9 percent of the total capital budget was for the following projects:  Moss-Nuckols Elementary School, which included the road project, the Louisa Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant expansion, the Zion Crossroads Waste Water Treatment Plant expansion, and the James River Water Project.  Mr. McLeod said it doesnt leave a lot of room for other projects.  Mr. McLeod stated the recommendation was not to put any more monies into Thomas Jefferson Elementary until a decision was made on what was going to be done with the school.  

Mr. McLeod stated to fund the capital budget, the county could the use $450,000 of the miscellaneous and state funds, $9.2 million from the general fund balance and the general fund reserve and borrow $15 million for the two projects.  

Mr. McLeod said looking at the total budget, 23 percent was capital and Schools had gone down to 48 percent of the total.  Mr. McLeod said County Departments and Agencies were only 25 percent.  

Mr. McLeod said the three percent increase in local funding for the School Board would give them right under $700,000 in additional funding.  Mr. McLeod said the School Board would still get at least $3 million in new funding.  Mr. McLeod stated the School Board requested 26 new employees: 10 teachers, one for special education, one for technology and six assistants, two bus drivers, one clerk of the works, one custodian and four for stipends.

Analysis of CIP Funds

Mr. McLeod stated in the CIP analysis when the money was taken from the general fund and the money was borrowed for the two projects, it would show the CIP fund balance being reduced by $450,000.

Analysis of Operations

Mr. McLeod said the county/agency budget has a 13.4 percent increase, with judicial administration, public safety, facilities and health and welfare having the largest increases.  

Mr. McLeod stated this would probably be the year of public safety.  Mr. McLeod said $1.3 million of the $3 million, which was 40 percent of the increase, was for public safety.  Mr. McLeod said the increase was from Fire and Rescue and the Sheriffs Department.   Mr. McLeod said the major increase in the judicial was from overtime requested for the Sheriff Courts and a part-time position that was made full-time by the new Commonwealth Attorney.  Mr. McLeod said the increase in public safety was from the Fire Chief, the Regional Jail and the three employees for the Sheriff.  Mr. McLeod said the increase from Facilities came from the renovation and repairs of the Court House.  Mr. McLeod stated debt services had gone up $370,000 and as the budget process continued, he planned on speaking with the Schools Finance Officer to help reduce the debt services.  

Mr. McLeod said with assessments coming down a little, the break even analysis would show that the tax rate didnt change from 62 cents.   Mr. McLeod stated if anyone had any questions while he was going through, they could feel free to ask.

Mr. Spencer asked if assessments were going down this year.  Mr. McLeod said it went down an average of five percent last year.  Mr. McLeod said for some it would go up and for others it would go down.  

Mr. Wright questioned if 62 cents was the true tax rate.  Mr. McLeod said yes.  Mr. Wright said normally the County had to advertise to the public about an increase and that could be confusing to them.  

Mr. Gentry asked for an explanation of 6.98 percent increase on page 29 of the Operation and Maintenance Budget Book Fiscal Year 2009.  Mr. McLeod said the increase for the School System included Local, State and Federal.  Mr. McLeod said local funding was only increasing three percent.  

Mr. Harper asked if the Commonwealth Attorney added people as he wished.  Mr. McLeod said there were two positions, one was given by the Comp Board for a July 2007 start date and was never filled by the last Commonwealth Attorney.  Mr. McLeod explained the other position was a part-time grant position that was made full-time.  

Mr. Harper questioned if Constitutional Officers could add employees without asking and the County fund them.  Mr. McLeod said he heard the Commonwealth Attorney was adding an employee and he understood that the Commonwealth Attorney had spoken with most members of the Board regarding the changes.  Mr. Harper stated the Commonwealth Attorney needed to talk to all Board members as a body, not just some.

Mr. Harper asked how much was the employee that was part-time now making as a full-time.  Mr. McLeod said he thought the salary went from $50,000 to about $56,000.

Mr. Harper said county employees were representatives of the Board and he felt that the Board should be kept informed.  Mr. McLeod said he would go back and research the information and get back with the Board.

Mr. Harper said he thought the Board wanted some discussion on the Court House repairs before committing the monies.  Mr. McLeod said nothing has been approved, he was just informing the Board about what was in the budget.  Mr. Harper said the Board needed to talk about the Court House renovation and repairs because there has been bundles of monies put into the Court House over the years.  Mr. McLeod said there was money from this year to be carried over and in order for any work to be done the Board would have to approve it.  

Mr. Wright said from 1997 to 1999 there was $3.8 million budgeted for renovation and repairs for the Court House.  Mr. McLeod said the County had put $3 million in a $2 million asset.

Mr. Byers asked what the process was when the Comp Board approved the staff for the Constitutional Officers.  Mr. Byers questioned if the Board of Supervisors were notified before the employee started work.  Mr. McLeod said last year the County was at the public hearing phase of the budget process when the Board was notified about new constitutional employees.  Mr. Harper said those positions arent always funded 100 percent by the Comp Board and the County has to fund the balance.

Mr. Harper asked if wireless networking was the same as broadband.  Mr. McLeod said no, but they were tied in together.  Mr. McLeod said now the Schools and the County were leasing for cables like a T1.  Mr. McLeod said they were trying to get wireless connectivity to the buildings where there were internal wires.

Mr. Byers asked if the State was funding this project.  Mr. McLeod said there were two projects and the state was funding the second one for the businesses and individuals; however, they were tied together.  Mr. McLeod the County was doing phase one and two at the same time.  Mr. McLeod stated the administration came to the Board for $19,000 and would be coming back to the Board to talk about getting additional funds from the State for phase two.

Mr. Wright asked if the Board was told up front that phase one and two were going to have to be done together.  Mr. McLeod said no and that was because the State was doing it different now.  

McLeod said this was a grant coming from the state called CBDG for broadband .  Mr. McLeod said CBDG has told the County there were two phases and now because of funds coming in, they wanted to do phase one and two together.  Mr. McLeod said what needed to be done now was to go out and talk to the citizens and businesses and see what they wanted.  

Mr. Wright said there was no such thing as free money; state and local governments had one source of income and that was taxes from the citizens.  Mr. McLeod said it was a State grant; however, if the County were to continue with it, they would have to fund the program, possibly through other grants or local funding.

Mr. McLeod said the Broadband Committee was having a meeting on March 28, 2008 in the Public Meeting Room.

Mr. Harper asked how much a penny was.  Mr. McLeod said $624,000.

Mr. Barnes said he was concerned that money hasnt been put aside for playground equipment and ball fields at Moss-Nuckols Elementary School that the other schools already had.  Mr. McLeod said it was not put on the County side to put the playground and ball fields in, but Parks was going to try to use some of their CIP  funds of $190,000 of carryover.

Mr. Gentry said early on in the contract, there was $180,000 set aside for the playgrounds, but that was divided up with contractors because it needed to be spent by July 07, so basically that had been lost. Mr. Gentry said the County has to make sure they have what Parks and Recreation has asked for plus more.  

Mr. Barnes said if the school construction were to start this fall, it was prudent that the ball fields are seeded a year in advance.  Mr. Barnes said from a community stand point, all the children need to have the same amenities and he wanted to make sure it was not an oversight.

Mr. McLeod said he had a conversation about the playgrounds, but the schools were too far along in the capital budget to get separate funds from the County for it.

Mr. Gentry said the County needed to know how much work had already been done to see what was actually needed.  Mr. Lintecum said he would get Mr. Pauley and Mr. Linhares to look into that.  

Mr. Barnes said he didnt know if the Board was aware of the funds not being allocated for the playground equipment and ball fields.  Mr. Gentry said he knew that Parks and Recreation were aware; however, no specific numbers were put out.

Mr. Spencer questioned if the schools had requested any monies for playground equipment in their budget.  Mr. McLeod said no.

Mr. Gentry said it was there, but it got lost.  Mr. Harper asked how it got lost.  Mr. Gentry said because they had to spend it all by July 1, 2007 with the thoughts that at the end there would be $180,000 left.  Mr. Spencer asked if there was $180,000 left.  Mr. Gentry said no.  

Mr. Spencer said the County would probably be hit with $250,000 once the school was built for ball parks and playgrounds.  Mr. McLeod stated he would find out what the numbers were. Mr. Spencer said he didnt want to be held responsible because the Schools threw money away.

Mr. Harper said he agreed with Mr. Spencer.  Mr. Harper said the Board needed to say no to supplemental appropriations.  Mr. Harper said if the departments and agencies wanted it, it needed to be up front.  Mr. Harper said unless it was for monies that were not anticipated.  Mr. Harper said he doesnt speak for the whole Board but from his perspective, there needed to be estimates put in the budget if the true amount wasnt known.  

Mr. McLeod asked was Mr. Harper talking about the schools additional funding for December.  Mr. Harper said yes, that the County was funding in the beginning of the year with what was said was needed to operate for the entire year.

Mr. Barnes said supplemental appropriations were going happen because the Schools amounts were based on enrollment.  Mr. Harper said the schools needed to estimate the amount of enrollment.

Mr. Gentry said part of the issue with the playgrounds and ball fields was that the timing was off.  Mr. Gentry said it needed to be brought forward that it needs to be in this fiscal year as opposed to next.

Mr. Barnes said the fields needed to be seeded by Spring  2009.  Mr. McLeod said he would get an estimate.

Mr. Byers said he would like the Board to give the School Board the money and allow them to utilize it the way they want and then they would be held accountable for good management of it.  Mr. Byers said the School Board had to answer to the general public as well.

Mr. Barnes said as the representative of the district where the school is being built, those would be concerns of the citizens.  Mr. McLeod said from what he has heard, the Schools are thinking Parks and Recreation are the professionals and would make sure the playground equipment was there and met specifications.

Mr. Gentry said in 2002 when the school was first discussed it was said that the County would do minimum athlete field preparation.  Mr. Gentry said he didnt remember why they said that at that point, but it probably needed to change.  Mr. Harper asked Mr. Gentry to get clarification on that for the Board.

Mr. Spencer questioned why was Parks and Recreation paid for the Schools equipment.  Mr. Harper said the rationale was that Parks and Recreation would use those facilities.  Mr. Barnes agreed with Mr. Harper.  Mr. Wright said there were concerns that Parks and Recreation would not be able to use the fields and the Board wanted to make sure that Parks and Recreation had access to all the facilities, with the school having first choice on dates.  Mr. Wright said the County did not want to duplicate facilities.

Mr. Gentry said part of the formula was also that Parks and Recreation would need more facilities than the Schools, like the soccer fields and that would be an asset to the Schools.

Discussion Five Year Forecast Ernie McLeod

Mr. McLeod said with the intention to build the Moss-Nuckols Elementary School they, would need 17 new teachers at a total cost of $1.35 million.  Mr. McLeod said it was estimated that the new High School would request an additional 33 new FTEs at a total cost of $3.7 million in todays cost.  Mr. McLeod said if there was a redistribution of students in the Schools, no new state funding would be expected.  

Mr. McLeod said he wanted to put forth a debt policy, so the County would have a good idea of what the debt limit was and the analysis to go through prior to project being approved and monies borrowed.  

Mr. McLeod stated debt services as a percent of expenditures was higher in 2002 than what was expected the coming years.  Mr. McLeod said what happens when the County goes out and borrows is that the County would be front loading the debt services so it would cycle quicker as the County pays it so it would increase our capacity to be borrow more.  Mr. McLeod said the payments for debt services would always be in a downward motion.

Mr. McLeod said in FY 14 to build a new High School would be 20.6 pennies on the tax rate, which was about one-third of the current real estate tax.  Mr. Gentry said hopefully some of the other CIP projects would be completed by then.

Mr. Barnes said it was prudent to start looking into a vocational facility and renovating the current vocational facility for classrooms.  Mr. Barnes said the budget has $82 million for a High School and by FY 14 that would not be enough.  Mr. Barnes said he would like to see the Board get into some serious negotiations about building a vocational center.  Mr. Barnes said by doing that, it would give the County time because building another High School would take a lot.  Mr. Harper asked if the County was looking into that.  Mr. Lintecum said yes and that he would be sending out a report.

Mr. McLeod explained cash flow of funds on page 34 of the Operation and Maintenance Budget Book Fiscal Year 2009.  Mr. McLeod said it showed what projects the County would borrow to fund and what debt services the County would be paying over several fiscal years. Mr. McLeod stated in FY 09 it showed $8 million to be borrowed for the school, but the funds were budgeted in FY 08.

Mr. McLeod said on page 35, it would show a larger increase from the Schools from FY 09 to FY 10 if the new elementary was to open in January 2010 instead of the summer of 2010.

Mr. McLeod said the debt services as a percent of the expenditures in FY 03 was 4.978 percent and was the high point.  Mr. McLeod said the estimate of population of 32,000 was from Community Development, not Weldon Cooper.  

Discussion O&M Maintenance Analysis Ernie McLeod

Mr. McLeod said HR had gotten a quote of a 16.06 percent increase for medical insurance.  Mr. McLeod said the increase would be split with the employee.   Mr. McLeod said HR had gone out for bid and are hoping to get better numbers.  Mr. McLeod said as the budget process continues, he would update the Board.

Mr. Wright asked when was there a committee meeting on the insurance changes.
Mr. McLeod said Sherry Vena and the consultant had been doing the hard numbers.  Mr. McLeod said he believed once things were clearer, Ms. Vena would bring it to the committee and informing them.  

Mr. Wright said it was late to go out for a bid when the policy would be effective July 1.  Mr. McLeod said they have already gone out for a bid.  Mr. Wright said the committee should have been involved in that.

Mr. Barnes asked what the recommended salary increases was for county employees.  Mr. Lintecum 3.5 percent as an average.  Mr. Barnes said health insurance was a big thing for employees and the reason many of them were here.

Mr. Byers said it would be greater gain for the employee if the county paid the insurance and didnt give an increase.  Mr. McLeod said they are trying to work it so the employee doesnt have a big insurance increase.  Mr. McLeod said how the County and employee pays was trying to be updated also, for example, the County would pay more towards a family coverage than a single.  

Mr. Byers said he thought he read that last year there was a significant decrease.  Mr. Wright said there was a 3.5 percent decrease.  Mr. McLeod said it ended up being like a 7-11 percent decrease.  Mr. McLeod said last year it was comment to hold off on the giving the decrease because it was thought that there would be an increase this year.

Mr. Harper said  he knew of two other entities that had decreases.   Mr. Harper said he didnt know how this lined up, but the Regional Jail had a six percent decrease.  Mr. Barnes asked if they were self-insured.  Mr. Harper said they had Anthem like the County.  

Mr. Byers said in the last couple of years there have been decreases in the County.  Mr. McLeod said its either been a sight decrease or gone flat over several years.

Mr. Harper said the County and School staff both have stable jobs and they are getting insurance even if they have to pay some of it themselves.  Mr. Harper said if the employees did not pay, it would be taken from people who may not have insurance or a stable job themselves.

Mr. Wright said he was concerned that the insurance has gone out to bid without the committee involved and it should have come to the Board before going out to bid.  Mr. Harper asked that the committee be brought up to speed and kept involved.

Mr. McLeod said in the past, they have used blended rates and in this budget they used actual rates.  Mr. McLeod said you may actually see a department that had a reduction in their insurance because one or more of their employees went on their spouses insurance.  Mr. McLeod said now the savings was being taken from that instead of budgeting for all employees.  

Mr. Wright said the School Board said they expected an increase this time because there were employees that were covered by their spouses that now were not.

Mr. McLeod said VRS would be leveled for FY 09 and FY 10, but with a 16.09 percent increase in rates.  Mr. McLeod said for example, Human Resources was under the three percent recommendation level and VRS came in with an increase and put them over four percent.  Mr. McLeod said County salaries are under reserve and contingency, Constitutionals would have a two percent increase effective December 2008 and CPI increased 4.1 percent for last year.  

Mr. Barnes said he didnt want the County to be guilty of what they accused the Schools of with the raises.  Mr. Barnes questioned if the 3.5 percent given earlier was an average.  Mr. Lintecum said yes. Mr. Barnes said there were people on the lower end that may need more than others.

Mr. Harper asked if the Constitutional raises will actually start December 2008.  Mr. McLeod said he believes the actual date is in November 2008, but we will verify it.

Mr. Harper asked when the employees that the County funds raises start.  Mr. McLeod said the Sheriffs Department get raises December 1, 2008.  Mr. Harper asked when the school teachers increases start.  Mr. McLeod said he would think it was when their new contracts are effective, which is July 1.

Mr. Harper questioned  if their increases would still began July 1 even though the state was not providing the money.  Mr. McLeod said yes and that the state wasnt putting in money toward teacher salaries this year.  Mr. Harper said normally the County has always funded the States share up front for the teachers increase until it kicked in November.  Mr. Harper said sometimes that has been overlooked and no one gives the County credit for that.  Mr. McLeod said the Governor has not signed anything as of yet.

Mr. McLeod said the Sheriff has large increases in his budget.  Mr. McLeod said in the Sheriffs Courts the large increase was in overtime, the increase in communications was part-time and overtime and in the Sheriffs Department the increase was for three new road deputies, additional overtime and part-time funding.  Mr. McLeod noted that operational increases are for gas, vehicle maintenance and training. Mr. McLeod said what the Sheriff was trying to do was change his budget to avoid having overruns.  

Mr. Wright said he was reading an article about the Goochland budget in the paper.  Mr. Wright said the Sheriff in Goochland suggested instead of getting three new deputies, the money be used to increase the entry level salaries of the deputies they had.  Mr. Wright said he thought that was an interesting concept to look at because you wouldnt have to pay all the fringe benefits associated with new employees.Mr. McLeod said Goochland was having a hard time filling the deputy slots.  Mr. Barnes said he thought the Louisa County Deputy salaries were pretty good.  Mr. Harper agreed.  Mr. McLeod said from what he has read, Louisa's starting salary was lower than Goochland.

Mr. Byers said in the Sheriffs budget request it said figures were adjusted based on the last three years of expenditures.  Mr. McLeod said what the Sheriff did was ask finance to give him what he had spent by category from 2002.

Mr. Harper said in 2000 the Sheriffs Department overtime was approximately $54,000 and in 2007 it was approximately $265,000.

Mr. Byers said if the Board doesnt keep people to their budget, they come back and use it based on the last three years.

Mr. Spencer asked if there been any adjustments to the Sheriffs budget since the request was made.  Mr. McLeod said the last time he looked at it was February and for Court Services their budget for full-time was $42,000 and the overtime was $22,000.

Mr. Wright said he believes there has to be 12 deputies assigned to the Court.  Mr. McLeod said the Sheriff came to the Board and talked about the situation and his plans to change it.

Mr. Spencer said he spoke with the Sheriff and he told him he couldnt see giving them three new deputies if they were paying them an extra $10,000 in overtime.  Mr. Harper said the Board has asked the Sheriff to address his overtime within the budget this year.

Mr. Spencer said Louisa has 17 more deputies than the state requires and is paying them $500,000 in overtime.  Mr. McLeod said overtime was $263,500 in 2007.  Mr. Byers said the request a couple months back was for $500,000 for overtime and other things.

Mr. McLeod said gasoline has hit the Sheriffs department pretty hard and there are contingencies for gasoline.  Mr. McLeod said he bumped the contingency from $15,000 to $25,000 and that probably wouldnt be enough.  Mr. McLeod said the Volunteer Fire Association requested almost $58,000 for gasoline and EMSAL requested about $87,000 for gasoline.  

Mr. Harper asked Mr. McLeod to follow-up on the overtime in the Sheriffs Department.  Mr. Harper said the Board understood that there would be overtime; however, the Communication Center should be able to schedule pretty tight.

Mr. McLeod said he believed the Communication Center had an issue with three full-time employees going out on FLMA at the same time.  

Mr. McLeod said under Emergency 911 maintenance there were no increases listed; however, UPS was a three-year contract and as he reviewed it, he saw the Sheriff didnt put funds in for this year.   Mr. McLeod said the Major would get back to him and let him know what that cost would be.  

Mr. McLeod said in Emergency Services the increases were for the following areas: 5.32 percent for the Fire Association, 4.63 percent for EMSAL, additional funding for fire/medic for daytime help, overtime.  Mr. McLeod said the operational increases are attributed to new FTEs, funding for the Fire Chief and associated costs, radio contract and forest fire prevention was increased by the General Assembly from seven cent per acre to nine cents per acre starting in FY 10, Thomas Jefferson EMS Council increased three percent and Med-Flight increased 6.38 percent.

Mr. McLeod said Facilities Management has a large increase, but again, that came from the Court House repairs.  Mr. McLeod added that Facilities had additional cost for gasoline and medicines for the animal pound.

Mr. Barnes asked what the Board was going to do about the Court House.  Mr. Harper asked if the Board could get a report.  Mr. McLeod said there was a report in the budget request book.

Mr. Harper said the County has fixed the Court House several  times.  Mr. McLeod said it was a repair that you would have every few years and that was how it had been done in the past.  Mr. Harper said that needed to be re-evaluated.  Mr. Spencer agreed.  Mr. Harper said some different approaches need to be looked at.  

Mr. Barnes said the Board has criticized the School for years about continuing to build schools with flat roofs that always needed repair and they are doing the same thing with the dome at the court house with these continuous repairs.  Mr. Barnes said with the amount money that has been put in the dome, a new court house could have been built.

Mr. Spencer said at one time, the County spent about $800,000 fixing the dome.  Mr. McLeod said $3.4 million was spent in the late 90s.

Mr. Gentry said it has probably been more cosmetic improvements than dealing with the source of the problem.  Mr. Harper said going forward, they should get some kind of guarantee on any work that was done to the Court House.

Mr. McLeod reviewed the summary on page 43 and reiterated where the increases were and explained why.  Mr. McLeod said if the money budgeted for the Regional Jail was needed this year, he suggested that it was kept and round to the next year.  

Mr. Harper said the Regional Jail has enough money to fund most of the expansion but would need to pass the operational cost to the localities.  

Mr. Lintecum said he received a request from 4-H asking for $10,000 to help fix up the camp.  Mr. Barnes asked how many localities used the camp.   Mr. Lintecum said several localities have stepped up and agreed to give $10,000.  Mr. Barnes asked if it was a one time expense.  Mr. Lintecum said yes.  

Mr. Byers questioned with the increase in CSA if some of the participants would be able to be handled by local services to reduce cost.  Mr. Byers asked was there anything in the budget on how CSA was managing their program.  Mr. McLeod said the Governor had put forth that if it was done a certain way they would increase the match; however, Louisa doesnt have what was required for the match increase.  Mr. McLeod the State match is going down and therefore, Louisa would be paying more.

Mr. Wright said the requirements have been broadened to include mental health.  Mr. Wright said the State and Federal funds keeps being cut.  Mr. Wright said CSA had to go out of state for bed space.

Mr. Harper questioned what kind of reception the CSA committee would receive if they took the information to the Governors Office.  Mr. Wright said he did not know.  Mr. Wright said some of the Senators are looking what they are doing, but it wouldnt be in time for this year.

Mr. Barnes questioned if anyone had appealed the County Administrator recommendation.  Mr. Lintecum said his recommendation was given to the Board before departments and agencies received it.  

DEQ Cutalong Request

Mr. Byers said its a good time to let DEQ know that the County has a water study in progress and Lake Anna was a designated growth area.  Mr. Byers said when DEQ takes into consideration different request, they take the County into consideration also.  Mr. Byers said he wasnt sure if DEQ knew about the study being conducted here.

Mr. Harper questioned how far along the study was.  Mr. Lintecum said there is still some time.  

Mr. Harper said if the Board concurs, a letter could be sent to DEQ for it to be part of the study.  Mr. Lintecum said the consultants had been instructed to put water for that growth area to include creeks and the Lake.  Mr. Harper said that needed to be communicated to DEQ so they would make a consideration.

Mr. Byers said the comment hearing ends on the April 7, 2008

On Motion of Mr. Byers, seconded my Mr. Wright, with Mr. Havasy being absent, which carried by a vote of 6-0, the Board voted to instruct Mr. Lintecum to write a letter to DEQ expressing the interest the County has for water in that particular area, informing them that a study is in place and asking that the County be taken into consideration.


On motion of Mr. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Byers, which carried by a vote of 6-0,  the Board voted to recess the March 26, 2008 meeting at 7:46 p.m. until April 2, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.