Miles Rucker's Athletic Dynamic Training

Whether you are interested in gaining a speed edge on the ice, greater quickness on the court, or superior agility on the field, Miles Rucker’s Athletic Dynamic Training will show you how to improve your game! This class will focus on age appropriate workout moves and will encompass basic skills focusing on the mechanics of running through advanced levels of balance and foot control. This educational and informative workout is sure to enhance your skills and enable you to master the moves needed for any sport. Available to all athletes, males and females, between the ages of 9 and 16, Athletic Dynamic Training will get you to that next level of play. The registration deadline is May 31st; registrations may be accepted after that date if space is available, but a late fee of $10 will apply. 

Time and Location

 June 8 through July 13 (Thursdays) at the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School from 6-7:30 pm.


3 minimum/10 maximum

  Click here to Register AND & PAY online.


  $67 for six classes